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BTST / STBT knocks (BSK)

Buy today, sell tomorrow or vice versa. BSK is a highly productive tool to garner overnight gains. The call is generated by us in the last half hour of market with the intention of squaring it on the subsequent day. BTST is executable in cash and futures segment both, whereas STBT (sell today, buy tomorrow) can be availed only in futures segment.


• It is devoid of real time market stress.
• Accuracy of more than 80% can be safely expected.
• It’s a perfect set of trading shots with low stop loss and consistent returns.
• Trader can take bets with cool mind, hence possibility of exercising better discipline.
• BSK is an ideal product to encash the benefit of gap up or gap down opening of stocks.
• Frequency of calls is low and returns are great, hence very nominal time devotion required.
• Position is carried over for one day only, hence probability of being trapped is almost zero.


• The stop loss shall be a maximum of 2%.
• We shall generate one to three BSK calls daily.
• Each call shall consist of 3 targets ranging from 2% to 5%.
• Call/s shall be generated in last half hour of market closing.


If deliveries are bought in cash segment on one day and sold on next day, the chances of those getting adjusted are 98%. But to be on safer side, take assurance from your broker that such transactions would be feasible. This caution
is a proactive initiative by SSIA to safeguard its valued patrons against unforeseen risks.


• Those who get easily panicked during live market.
• Cash rich individuals who have idle money lying for short span of time.
• Individuals who cannot spare much time in monitoring market movements.
• Fund managers who wish to boost their returns by affording calculated risk.

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