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SSIA Broad conventions for optimum rewards:

• Traders should trade in all calls indiscriminately.
• All instructions should be followed in exact manner.
• Strict stop loss should be followed in all types of calls.
• Pre define your trading quantities to avoid panic in forbidden situations.
• Preferably, the stop loss bids should be put in trading terminal if quantities are not massive.
• Trade consistently in same quantities for at least one to two months and then increase stakes.
• Profit can be booked near 90% of target price if some resistance is observed in the price movement or else move the stop loss, at or
   slightly above the cost, in such situation.

Extra Care exercised by SSIA:

• Approximate amount of probable profit or loss is pre evaluated in all calls.
• We invite our clients to avail technical guidance through live chat and phone as well.
• We have diligently assigned the SMS operator who always assures instant SMS delivery.
• We try our best to convey follow up messages wherever necessary till each call is concluded.
• We try our best to communicate calls in advance so that our clients get enough time to act on it.
• At SSIA we have kept pricing of all products, rational and non negotiable in order to gain trust of our patrons.
• We have been working relentlessly in our research and have been able to offer variety of products to suit every trader’s / broker’s
• To beat the devil of whip-saw, SSIA is focusing most on pair trading which saves from stop losses being triggered unreasonably and
   delivers ultimate profitability to our research.
• The quality generated by SSIA is a byproduct of persistent team work wherein our experienced and qualified analysts formulate
   strategies in consultation with each other and thus deliver their best.
• SSIA sets an example in utmost transparency by providing “REAL TIME CALL LOG” wherein our clients can monitor live movements in
   all trading calls generated so far and those being generated, at any point of time.
• We generate calls in liquid securities, i.e. which have enough volumes. This saves the trader from getting trapped in any of the calls
   due to deficiency of buyers / sellers. Also, entry and exit can be very fast in such stocks.
• Our clients are most welcome to seek any kind of assistance / guidance in the broking industry such as: choice of broker, most
   competitive brokerages, maximum exposure limits, best services, etc. We shall be pleased to offer our help.
• Surprisingly we have been utmost careful in considering our clients’ concerns that we’ve augmented “Duplicate message service”
   wherein each SMS is sent twice from two different operators ensuring that not even a single SMS gets delayed !!

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