DEFINITION If you buy and sell shares in a single day then this type of trading is called Intraday Trading. The literal meaning of this term is “within the day” as this works for short term traders that look forward to trade within a short duration.

Occasionally it is also used to describe securities which are traded in market during business hours like ETFs and stock which is different from Mutual Funds and is bought from a dealer. It is usually described to know the highs and lows of security. In Intraday Trading you can sell shares within seconds, minutes and hours after you buy, whenever you want and when you feel that your profit Target has been reached. But all the shares you bought with the Intraday option should be sold 30 minutes prior to the closing time. The general closing time of Stock Market is 3:30 pm. So you should sell all your shares those you bought with Intraday option should be sold before 3pm. Remember if you sell the shares which bought on previous Trading day, then it will not be considered as a Intraday Trading. In Intraday Trading if you buy shares on 22nd you should sell them on 22nd itself. Intraday Trading gives you high profits when you analyze and trade perfectly and also makes you big loss if you do not trade perfectly.

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