Bel-Air Season 2 is bringing back a major Fresh Prince character

Bel Air Season 2 episode 1 spoilers follow.

The Prince of Bel-Air is back straightening his crown and learning how to walk tall without depending on Aunt Viv (Cassandra Freeman) and Uncle Phil (Adrian Holmes).

All this new freedom has introduced Will (Jabari Banks) to a new group of people and a very familiar face in Bel Air-verse.

Devoted fans might have expected that we’re referring to the actress behind Miss Hughes, Tatyana Ali. Ali played main cast member Ashley Banks in the original sitcom The new prince of Bel EAR.

tatyana ali as Mrs. Hughes, Belair, season 2


Yes, she’s back on the streets of Los Angeles, but she’s put aside her childhood dance moves (you know the ones we mean *thrusts head back and forth*). This time she has adopted the role of the high school teacher of Bel-Air Academy.

Ex-Ashley officially passes the baton to Akira Akbar’s Ashley when he calls her to the front of the class and hands her a book before punching her. It’s a pretty epic moment, but while it’s nice to see Ali back in the universe in what appears to be a recurring role, we’re actually talking about a different kind of return.

The name Jackie may not strike a chord with the casual observer, nor will it mean anything to those new to it Bel Air (Fresh Prince or otherwise), but character certainly matters. At least she got in Fresh Prince So we expect the beloved Jackie’s redesign to be more than just a cute nod to the original in its remake.

Who was Jackie at? The new prince of Bel EAR?

Will Smith, Tyra Banks as Jackie Ames, the Fresh Prince of Bel Air


Bel AirJackie’s introduction plays out completely differently than his Fresh Prince.

In the original there is no hint of romantic tension between Will and Jackie, whose first on-screen interaction sees them passionately embrace one another in the most platonic embrace ever.

While it is later revealed that they share a romantic history, OG Jackie is very much positioned as his friend first and foremost.

The character, played by Tyra Banks, gave the cast a bit of a shakeup in season four, injecting new blood into the Banks’ established family and partner dynamic. She is one of Will’s best childhood friends from West Philadelphia, who moves to California after getting a basketball scholarship to UCLA.

The two clearly have a deep connection after growing up together, and the level of intimacy is made clear from the jump by her resenting Will for leaving West Philly and not contacting her in the three years he’s been gone.

Will later admitted that the reason he didn’t get in touch was because he missed her too much. Nothing more competitive ever materialized between them beyond a few flirtations.

jabari banks, olly sholotan, belair, season 2


Bel Air, However, it takes their relationship in a different direction. Will meets Jackie (Jazlyn Martin) for the first time in season two, and a more stable relationship seems to be in the works.

There’s definitely a more sensual, amorous energy tossed back and forth between Will and Jackie during their cute encounter.

From the moment her dog Fluffy growled at Will in the most intimidatingly aggressive way, it was lust at first sight for the pair.

He gives Will hard vibes over his obvious intrigue, but takes the time to instruct him on how to impress basketball scout and agent Doc (Brooklyn McLean), which of course goes a long way toward winning Will’s favor.

jabari banks belair season 2


Her budding romance with Will also seems to be stepping on the toes of his recently ended relationship with Lisa (Simon Joey Jones), who was also an important woman in Will’s life in the original show.

While Lisa and Jackie never cross paths Fresh Prince (given that Lisa made it to season five and Jackie only made a pass at season four) is almost inevitable in the remake.

We smell a love triangle of the most dramatic kind on the cards.

Bel Air smallseason two is available to stream now on Sky in the UK and Peacock in the US with new episodes airing every Thursday.

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