Big Red Boots Are Sold Out — Here’s How To Cut A Pair

Dragging your feet is one thing – encasing them in giant red boots is another.

The Big Red Boot by Avant-garde art brand MSCHF (“evil”) has been spotted everywhere from street influencers to New York Fashion Week to TikTok grandparents.

Singer Ciara showed off her pair on Instagram this week:

The boots debuted online Thursday at $350 a pop and sold out within seven minutes or a few seconds — depending on who you ask.

The “Big Red Boot” (BRB) is now on sites like eBay for prices north of $800.

What is the “Big Red Boot”?

BRB is a MSCHF brand product. A common comparison was to the Astro Boy character from the franchise of the same name, who wears big red boots and black underwear. The brand itself mentioned Dora The Explorer, who has a monkey companion in red boots.

The giant clown-like shoes are made of plastic and rubber, according to the product’s detail page.

The cartoonish aesthetic is purposeful and made to challenge the concept of reality in a world that looks more and more like a metaverse, the product description says.

“Caricature is an abstraction that sets us free,” MSCHF writes. “If you kick someone in those boots, they’re going to get kicked!”

What is MSCHF?

Founded by Gabriel Whaley in 2016, MSCHF “is an art collective engaged in art, fashion, technology and capitalism” according to its website.

The brand is known for out-the-box fashion products, such as a pair of sneakers that supposedly had holy water from the Jordan River. The product is called “Jesus Shoes”.

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The brand also created an artwork with an ATM that tracked the amount of money in the check of people who signed up to participate in the project and withdrew money, then put it in a visible ranking.

Far from making money or scoring a point, absurdity is simply the point. “We’re not here to make the world a better place. We’re pointing out how messed up everything is,” Whaley told Insider in 2021.

MSCHF also collaborated with Lil Nas X on Nike sneakers with a drop of real blood in them called “Satan Shoes”, but after being sued for using the Nike logo on an unauthorized product, MSCHF was forced to settle with sneaker behemoth and offer refunds to people who bought them, per The New York Times.

But Whaley, a former Buzzfeed employee, has also proven somewhat of an expert at going viral, with BRBs being the latest example.

Lil Wayne even took them sports:

Where can I get the big red boot?

Since the boots are sold out, you can add your name to an email list available on the product page. You can also check the secondary markets, but a huge sell-off is likely.

At least one brand appears to make a similar boot, The Astro Boots, by MyCartoonBoots. They are often used in cosplay, the company says. They are currently on sale for $29. An email to the company for comment was bounced.

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MSCHF claims in the product description that they are patent pending on their boots. He did not request comment on when another round of BRBs might be available.

But, if you have the big red boots, the biggest problem may be getting them off. A model had to be cut from the boots:

Some people were shocked at the price:

Others were disappointed they didn’t get a pair, apparently:

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