Boxing Results: Ardreal Holmes defeats Ismael Villarreal on ShoBox!

With Ken Hisner: At the Stormont Vail Event Center in Topeka, Kansas on Friday via ShoBox, Next Generation Lou DiBella (DiBella Entertainment) and Holden Productions presented Main Event, Ardreal Holmes, Jr. defeated Ismael Villarreal in ten rounds.

In the co-main event, super featherweight Misael Lopez lost a split decision to a knockdown from Edward “Kid” Vazquez in ten rounds.

In the main event, super southpaw Ardreal Holmes, Jr., 12-0 (5), #152.5, of Flint, MI, Ismael Maelo Villarreal, 12-0 (8), #152.5, of the Bronx, NY, ten laps .

In the first three rounds, the much taller Holmes countered well with his jab against the attacking Villarreal. In the fourth round Villarreal came back well but not enough to take the round as Holmes finished the round with a three punch combination.

In the fifth round, for the second time in the fight, Villarreal turned the southpaw for a few seconds, frustrated and unable to get inside Holmes’ jab, having hardly jabbed up to that point. In the first half minute of the sixth round, Villarreal finally landed a right palm to the chin of Holmes and ended the round with a right to the chin. In the seventh lap, Holmes was chasing Villarreal for most of the lap.

As the bell rang to start the eighth round, the Villarreal coach was still in the ring urging his fighter to be more aggressive. Halfway through, Holmes stunned Villarreal with a lead on the chin. It never got past six rounds before Villarreal looked to be tiring.

In the ninth round, Holmes continued to outwork Villarreal until the final ten seconds, with Villarreal cornering Holmes with a flurry of punches. In the tenth and final round, Villarreal, knowing he needed a knockout, came out throwing punches and had Holmes cornered against the ropes for the first two minutes, with Holmes finishing the stronger of the two. The scores were 96-94 for each and 97-93 Holmes with this writer 98-92 Holmes. The referee was Jacob Villa.

In the co-main event, Misael Lopez, 14-2-1st (5), #124.4, of Agua Prieta, MEX and Denver, CO, lost a split decision to Edward “Kid” Vazquez, 14-1 -1 (3 ), #125.2, from Ft. Worth, TX, over ten action-packed rounds.

In the second round, a Vazquez landed a hook to the side of the head for a flash knockdown over Lopez for an 8-count by referee Kevin Champion. In the third round, Lopez came back well, landing a four-punch combination midway through the round. In the fourth and fifth laps both had their moments, with Vazquez being the aggressor and holding a slight lead. There was swelling under both of Lopez’s eyes by the end of the round.

In the sixth and seventh rounds, Lopez came back, overwhelming Vazquez for the most part. In the eighth round, it was Vazquez who had an advantage still ahead against Lopez’s tackle.
In the ninth round, Vazquez appeared to outplay Lopez again. In the tenth and final round, the action continued with the knockdown, a highlight in a fight close enough to be a draw.

The scores were 96-93 and 95-94 for Vazquez, with 95-94 for Lopez. This writer had the 95-94 Vazquez.

Super lightweight Kurt Scoby, 11-0 (9), #139.8, of New York, NY, stopped southpaw John “The Beast” Mannu, 7-1-1 (4), #139.8, of Wantirna , Victoria, AUST, at 1:40 of the second round scoring four knockdowns in a scheduled eight rounds.

In the second round, a right from Scobie dropped Mannu for an 8-count from referee Jacob Villa. Again Scobie dropped Manu with a right to the chin. For the third time, Scobie dropped Manu. After knocking Mannu down for the fourth time in the corner, referee Villa finally waved it off. He should have called it quits after three knockdowns.

Light heavyweight Juan Carrillo, 10-0 (8), #?, of Barranquilla, COL, stopped Robert Burwell, 10-8 (3), #?, of Orlando, FL, in four rounds of a scheduled eight round bout.

Welterweight David “Dynamite” Lopez, 2-0 (2), #?, of Las Vegas, NV, defeated Paul Martin Walters, 0-1 (0), #?, of Riverview, FL, in the first round of a scheduled 4.

Heavyweights John Cantrell, 6-0 (6), #?, Topeka, KS, Brandon Carmack, 6-1-2 (3), #?, Kansas City, MO, four rounds.

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