Square Enix is ​​shutting down Luminous, the studio behind Forspoken

Luminous Productions, the team behind this year’s powerful medium Forspoken, is going quietly into that good night. In a tweet posted yesterday, the studio announced that, “Starting May 1st,” it will “join Square Enix to deliver new, innovative gaming experiences around the world.” In other words, it folds into its parent company and ceases to … Read more

This is Damn Time Games ‘Git Gud’ At Black Hair

When you think of black hair in games, what comes to mind? Maybe a clean set of cornrows? How about some dreadlocks? Or, and this is probably the most likely, are you considering an afro, a Caesar fade, or just a bald scalp? This litmus test has been a debate that has raged in the … Read more

Pokémon Go Rocket Giovanni counts, team in March 2023

Giovanni’s team had a makeover Pokémon Go as part of the Shadowy Skirmishes Special Investigation. As of March 2023, his team remains unchanged since the survey’s debut and will likely be the same for a few more months. However, know that whenever you face Giovanni, he is a tough opponent in battle and this page … Read more

Destiny 2 Lightfall: Bungie releases list of known issues

Lightfall’s launch was huge for Destiny 2, setting a new concurrent player record on Steam, but it wasn’t without its problems. Bungie Support has released a thread with all known issues related to the Lightfall release, with some features being temporarily disabled while the bugs are investigated. The issues currently identified by Bungie, thankfully, do … Read more

I love ‘The Worst’ video game of all time ranking list

Screenshot: Sega earlier today, The times published what he hoped would be a worthy list, an evergreen piece defining what the paper considered the “20 greatest video games of all time.” The list was compiled by an “expert jury”, and I use quotes there only because they are their exact words, not because I’m patronizing … Read more

All gun and weapon locations in Suns of the Forest

Sons of the Forest isn’t just about survival in the wild, it’s also about gruesome cave monsters and cannibals. You’ll want to load up on all the weapons you can find, including a selection of guns, bows, and some weirder melee options. We’ll list all lootable premade weapons (not crafted) for you here along with … Read more

Microsoft wants to bring the “best version” of Call Of Duty to Nintendo platforms

Image: Nintendo Life Last week, Microsoft put pen to paper, announcing its 10-year commitment to bring the Call of Duty franchise to Nintendo platforms is now legally binding. Microsoft president Brad Smith followed that up by mentioning how the tech giant would make sure the series works exactly as people expect on other platforms, and … Read more