Coronation Street spoilers – Sarah faces Carla’s new dilemma

Coronation Street spoilers follow.

Coronation StreetSarah Barlow has a big decision to make tonight (February 13) as her nemesis Carla decides to give her a lifeline.

Sarah was recently arrested for betraying Carla after using her factory and resources to set up a rival business.

This was just weeks after Sara had quit her job at Underworld after tensions with her boss are not unreasonable.

Sarah works on her plans with the help of business partner Michael Bailey and her uncle Stephen Reid.

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Last week, Carla grabbed their plans after realizing that Sarah and Michael had worked on them at the factory – and during working hours, when they previously worked there.

Under the terms of their previous contracts, this gave Carla ownership of the designs.

In Monday’s episode, Carla attempts a peaceful approach after her triumph over the conspirators.

Carla tells Sarah that she can end her plans and get involved again in the planned deal with businessman Rufus.

Carla Barlow, Coronation Street


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However, Carla also insists on an apology – meaning Sarah will have to swallow her pride if she wants things to go back to normal.

Is Sarah ready to make peace with Carla? And how will Michael feel about the second chance?

Corey Bosses have named Carla as one to watch this month as her feud with Steven takes a sinister turn in the coming episodes.

Wanting to undermine Carla’s position at the factory, Stephen begins spiking her drinks with LSD. As the side effects take hold, Carla’s husband Peter fears her psychosis has returned.

Carla Barlow, Coronation Street


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Todd Boyce, who plays Steven, recently said:[Carla] he is a very popular character. So far [Stephen] has targeted people who are relatively new characters that people haven’t really met, but this is different.

“Chris Gascoigne [who plays Carla’s husband Peter] he was so great about it, he said, “Oh man, you have no idea what you’re in for when this starts.”

“Ali [King] and I had some great scenes together, really steamy scenes and I enjoyed that and I think people enjoyed facing him, so they’re going to hate it when the tables are turned.”

Coronation Street airs Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 8pm on ITV1 and broadcast on ITVX.

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