‘Discrimination’ message about Katie Price’s son allegedly shared by Met officers | Katie Price

Katie Price’s disabled son has allegedly been the target of “inappropriate and discriminatory” WhatsApp messages shared by Metropolitan police officers.

In an Instagram post, Price shared a letter from police informing her that “a number of Metropolitan police officers are alleged to have breached professional conduct standards in relation to disparaging behavior by participating in a WhatsApp group chat which posted inappropriate and derogatory images of your son, Harvey Price”.

Price’s son Harvey, 20, has Prader-Willi syndrome and autism. She was born with septal optic dysplasia, a rare disorder that affects brain function, hormones and vision and affects one in 10,000 births.

The letter, dated January 26 and written by an investigator from the Discrimination Investigation Unit at the Met Police’s Professional Standards Department, said the officers allegedly involved would be given a serious misconduct hearing at a center in West Brompton, London.

The hearing is expected to begin on Monday.

Along with an image of the letter, Price wrote: “I feel I must share this hand delivered letter from the Metropolitan police. It’s disgusting that cops from here felt the need to laugh and use disgusting content on Harvey by creating a what’s (sic) app group.

“I would watch this court day, but I’m away. They must be called shamed and exposed.”

The allegations are believed to involve officers engaging in group chat between 2016 and 2018.

The officers allegedly posted “discriminatory content attacking the protected characteristics of race, religion or belief, disability, sexual orientation and gender” in the form of messages, memes and videos.

Eight police officers are due to attend a hearing on Monday over allegations their conduct breached the Standards of Professional Conduct.

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The Met said it was unable to provide further details due to an upcoming misconduct hearing. The force confirmed the hearing is due to start on February 21 and is expected to take place over four days.

Price has previously campaigned for tougher laws after her son became the target of online trolls.

The model and entrepreneur, 44, has filmed a BBC documentary titled Katie Price: Harvey and Me, to air in 2021, about her son who turned 18.

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