Disney Dreamlight Valley: How to Get Rid of the Bones

No one likes to get in their way, so if you’ve found that happening to you in Disney Dreamlight Valley, it’s okay to be a little disappointed. Exploring the Sunlit Plateau has no doubt introduced you to a variety of bones lying around, including some rather large ones that prevent you from crossing the bridge here. Let’s get rid of them and open up the space a bit, shall we?

How to get rid of bones in Disney Dreamlight Valley

There are two types of bones in Sunlit Plateau — small and large — and you’ll need two different upgrades to remove them. Both require that they befriend Scar and complete quests for him. Here’s how to get both upgrades.

Small bones

The first step to removing bones on Sunlit Plateau is to get Scar’s friendship level to 3. At this point, you’ll be able to start his “Breaking Bones” quest, where he’ll send you to talk to Scrooge McDuck.

After talking to Scrooge, return to Scar, who will then ask you to find the following items:

  • x5 Lion Claws
  • x5 Dry wood
  • x5 Iron Ingot

Lion’s Claws can be discovered from cracked areas of the ground around the edges of the Sunny Plateau. Dry Wood can be found near trees in the Sunny Plateau, Frosted Heights, or Forgotten Lands. To make each of the iron ingots you will need to combine five iron ore and one piece of coal at a crafting station (so a total of 25 iron ingots and 5 coal).

Take these gathered items and access a crafting station to craft the Lion’s Claw Shovel Head, which you can then use from your inventory to upgrade your shovel. You can now pick up small bones all over the Sunlit Plateau.

Once you get Scar's second shovel upgrade, you can open this path along the bridge to the Sunlit Plateau.
Once you get Scar’s second shovel upgrade, you can open this path along the bridge to the Sunlit Plateau.

Big bones

To remove large bones from the Sunlit Plateau, you will need to get Scar to friendship level 7 and unlock his quest “The Circle of Life”. The wily lion will send you to talk to Mother Gothel, who asks for some Old Bones and 10x Purified Night Shards.

Old Bones are found in the Vitalys Mines on the Sunlit Plateau. Enter the cave and head left, then break right at the first big intersection. To the left, this is where you’ll find the item glowing on the ground. Meanwhile, Purified Night Shards can be crafted by combining 5 Night Shards and 1 Dream Shard. Getting enough of these to make all the Purified Night Shards can take a while if you haven’t saved the individual shards.

Take the ingredients back to Scar, who will direct you to place them in the geyser inside his house. Do this to get some ashes, which you will then need to plant somewhere in the valley and water them for about an hour until they grow into Flower of Bones.

Use the Flower of Bones and Purified Night Shards to craft the Roaring Shovel Head, then use it from your inventory to upgrade your shovel once more, finally allowing you to remove large bones on the Sunlit Plateau. Clearing the way across the bridge will eventually make it easier to navigate the biome and will also allow you to talk to Scar again to complete his level 7 quest.

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