Dune prequel The Sisterhood is getting a recast and other major changes

Dune: The SisterhoodHBO Max’s prequel series to the sci-fi classic Dunehas undergone quite a few changes in its journey to the small screen.

As reported by Deadlinethe show has already lost an actor, a director and its creator.

Diane Ademu-John, who created the show and wrote the pilot script, has left the project, with Alison Schapker continuing as sole presenter. Johan Renck, who was its executive producer Chernobyl, was set to direct the first two episodes, but has also stepped down, according to the new report. TV bosses are reportedly looking for a replacement at the time of writing.

Shirley Henderson, who was set to play Tula Harkonnen, has also dropped out of one of the lead roles. It is believed that this role will be recast.

Shirley Henderson, on a blue blurred background, wearing a white top

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A spokesperson for HBO Max told the publication: “Like Dune: The Sisterhood (working title) has gone on a pre-determined hiatus, some creative changes are being made to the production in an effort to create the best series possible and stay true to the source material.

“Johan Renck has completed his work on the series and a new director will be appointed. By mutual agreement, Johan is moving on to other projects. In addition, Shirley Henderson will be leaving the series and will no longer play Tula Harkonnen.”

Deadline stated that the filming break may have been planned all along, but creative differences may have exacerbated the situation at the pace of a possibly seven-month pushback.

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It’s important to note that there’s still no official word on what’s going on behind the scenes, but Renk has shot down specific reports that Dune from his Instagram.

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