EastEnders spoilers – Christmas story confirmed for Lily Slater

EastEnders spoilers follow.

EastEndersStacey Slater will worry about her daughter Lily’s Christmas plans in next week’s episode.

We’ve already revealed how Kat and Phil will decide to postpone their wedding until Christmas Day 2023, and new spoilers have now revealed why.

Stacey will try to distract a heartbroken Eve from Nish and Suki’s loved up appearance in Monday’s scenes.

Determined to cheer up her friends, Stacey shows off the new coat she bought for Lily.

However, Eva struggles to deal with her feelings and leaves the pub in agony.

Later, Stacey joins Kat and reveals that Ryan has invited Lily and the baby to Wakefield for Christmas.

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With Stacey still worried that Lily might decide to live with Ryan after all, Kat hatches a plan.

After speaking to Phil, Kat agrees to postpone their wedding until Christmas Day so that Lily can stay in Walford to be her bridesmaid.

In the meantime, EastEnders have confirmed they will not be uploading the show early to iPlayer on Monday (February 20).

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The much-anticipated episode will focus on some Walford women, showing how “in a flash” everything can change.

Since last year, new episodes appear on iPlayer at 6am. on the day of their BBC One premiere, but this episode will be an exception – strongly suggesting there’s an element of surprise they want to retain.

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The episode will see Sharon and Keanu have a passionate reunion in the Queen Vic bathroom, while Linda is left shocked to receive a photo of Shirley and Dean from Carly.

EastEnders airs Monday-Thursday at 7.30pm on BBC One. The show is also streaming on BBC iPlayer, with early release episodes dropping at 6am.

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