EastEnders spoilers (March 6 to 9)

The following article continues the discussion of baby loss that may be disturbing to some readers.

EastEnders spoiler follow.

Next week EastEndersAsh’s exit story is revealed, while Stacey’s troubles continue and Callum faces a dilemma.

Here’s a full roundup of the biggest moments to come:

1. Zack and Whitney say their final goodbyes to their daughter

Whitney Dean, Zack Hudson, Eastenders


Zach and Whitney argue about leaving their daughter – Peach – at the hospital and are left shocked to discover that their baby’s existence is not legally recognized.

Zach comforts himself in the hospital’s faith room and is disturbed by the uncaring attitude of a future father.

Whitney later softens to the idea of ​​spending time with Peach after talking to a nurse. Whitney and Zack share a tender last moment with their daughter before saying goodbye.

2. Ash’s exit story is revealed

finlay baker, vinny panesar, ash panesar, felix baker, nugget, eastenders


Ash informs Nish that she has been offered a job in Canada again, but a furious Nish enlists Suki to prevent their daughter from accepting.

Wanting her daughter to spread her wings, Sookie applies reverse psychology to get Ash to take the job.

Sookie suggests that Ash is not capable, knowing full well that she will accept to spoil her. It works and Ash later announces that she is leaving.

3. Sonya asks Lola for advice

sonia fowler in the east


Sonia enlists the people of Walford to create a condolence box for Whitney and Zach.

He looks to Lola for guidance as he struggles to put pen to paper.

4. Stacey’s problems continue

Stacey slater, Eastenders


Stacey continues to worry about money, especially when Lily reveals she needs a new outfit.

With Whitney’s incident playing heavily on her mind, Stacey feels more grateful than ever for her family.

5. Nish threatens Sookie

nish panesar, suki kaur panesar, eastenders


Suki tells Nish that there was nothing she could do about Ash’s decision and they head to The Vic to reluctantly celebrate their daughter’s retirement.

Nish is soon enraged when he realizes Suki’s deception and threatens her back to No. 41.

6. Whitney is struggling to make ends meet

chelsea fox, whitney dean, eastenders


Whitney pushes her loved ones away as she struggles to come to terms with her loss. However, Chelsea and Sonya remain determined to be there for Whitney regardless.

Zach desperately wants to talk to Whitney too, but feels rejected – unaware that she wants to talk to him too. Sharon tries to encourage Zach not to give up on talking to Whitney.

7. Calum lands a new opportunity

jack branning, callum highway, eastenders


Jack offers Callum a promotion to trainee detective constable and the pair later celebrate at The Vic with Ben, Vi and Patrick.

Callum’s first day in his new role gets off to a shaky start when other members of the force give him a nickname.

8. Denise struggles with her feelings

Denise Fox, Eastenders


Denise continues to worry about Jack’s investigation into Ravi and tries to get him to reconsider.

At The Vic, Denise is jealous when Ravi walks in with a date and learns that they are going to the same hotel as their last party.

9. Stacey suffers another setback

Denise Fox, Eastenders


Stacey is on the hunt for extra work and asks Linda for a part-time shift at The Vic.

Linda refuses, forcing Jean to secure extra cleaning work for both of them.

Stacey is exhausted after her night shift with Jean and accidentally hurts her arm as she rushes to open the bap-van. At the clinic, Stacey has a heart-to-heart with Sonia about her mommy guilt and constant money struggles.

10. Calum faces a dilemma

Ben Mitchell, Callum Highway, Eastern


Furious after Callum’s discovery of the nickname, Jack is determined to stop this behavior in the group.

He also puts Calum to work tracking Ravi’s CCTV footage, leading to a disturbing discovery.

After some advice from Ben, Calum makes a decision.

11. Zach is wrong about Whitney

Whitney Dean, Zack Hudson, Eastenders


Zach watches as Whitney struggles with her emotions.

Desperate to help, he later invites her to Peggy’s house where he offers her some money, but this falls on Whitney.

12. Nish gets paranoid from Suki

suki kaur panesar, nish panesar, eastenders


Eve has a heart to heart with Ash and convinces her to have an honest conversation with Suki.

Ash also talks to Nish and convinces him to give Suki more responsibility with the family businesses.

Nish agrees, but gets upset when he doesn’t hear from Suki after sending her on a business trip and starts to think the worst.

EastEnders airs Monday-Thursday at 7.30pm on BBC One. The show is also streaming on BBC iPlayer.

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Readers affected by this story can visit SOFT UK and Prenatal Outcomes and Choices for further information and support.

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