Emmerdale reveals new Charles Anderson feud after Alex returns

Emmerdale spoilers follow.

Emmerdale revealed a new feud for Charles Anderson following the return of Alex Moore.

The villain is set to return to the village this week, going on a date with Naomi after forming a bond outside the cafe.

In scenes to be shown next week, Charles attempts to interfere in the couple’s relationship, enlisting Manpreet’s help in the process.

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He suggests we try to develop some reverse psychology, but Naomi turns the tables on lunch as she sets up an ambush.

Charles tries to anger Alex, but he remembers Manpreet’s advice from before. He realizes that his own hostility is driving Naomi and Alex closer.

After Naomi kisses Alex, Charles resists the urge to retaliate, causing tension to simmer throughout the rest of the conversation.

The next day, Manpreet suggests Charles talk to the person who knows Alex best: his ex-girlfriend Dawn.

How will the meeting go and will Charles learn any dark secrets about Alex?

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Elsewhere in the soap, Bob Hope actor Tony Audenshaw opened up about his character’s prospect of forming a relationship with business partner Bernice Blackstock.

“You never know, right? You never know what’s going to happen with these relationships if there’s a spark,” he said.

“There’s definitely some kind of chemistry between them, but Bob said those days are long behind him. He’s very happy with Wendy.”

Recent developments have seen Wendy take issue with their growing closeness, throwing water over Bob as soon as he entered their home. Audenshaw said he sympathizes with Wendy.

“I guess in any relationship, when someone spends a lot of time with someone else, they can suspect something is going on,” she explained.

“But Wendy has no reason to think that, that I can think of.”

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