Emmerdale spoilers (March 6 to 10)

Emmerdale spoilers follow.

It’s coming up EmmerdaleKane contemplates a future without Kyle as he comes to a heartbreaking realization.

Elsewhere, Leyla takes revenge on Jacob’s attacker, while Rishi raises the alarm about a mysterious intruder.

Here’s a complete guide to the biggest moments to come.

1. Kane and Amy are afraid of getting Kyle back

Kane Dingle, Amy Wyatt, Nicola, Emmerdale


Kyle clashes with Jimmy’s son Carl and the fight turns violent. Carl’s stepmother Nicola threatens to get the police involved – much to Kane and Amy’s dismay.

Putting their differences to one side, Cain and Amy team up and plead with Nicola to leave the police out of it. Nicola agrees, but as she shares her thoughts on the situation, Cain is stung to realize that all the Emmerdale villagers believe he is to blame for Kyle’s violence.

2. Cain prepares to let Kyle go

cain dingle, moira, emmerdale


Cain decides that Kyle is better off without him and tells Moira that it’s time to let him go for good. He suggests Amy take over sole custody of Kyle – and move away so she can properly cut herself off from the youngster.

Moira accuses Cain of making a terrible mistake that he will regret for the rest of his life.

3. Matty seeks confirmation

Amy, Matt Burton, Emmerdale


Matty remains unsure of Amy’s motives for proposing.

Amy manages to talk to Matty, leaving him delighted when she confirms that the engagement is based on her love for him – not a ploy to get custody of Kyle.

4. Marlon struggles to support Paddy

paddy, marlon dingle, emmerdale


Paddy’s loved ones are relieved when he agrees to seek professional help after his suicidal thoughts. Unfortunately, there is a two-week waiting list to be able to see someone.

Marlon hopes Paddy will talk to him in the meantime, but his best friend stubbornly avoids the subject and claims he needs space.

When Chas comments on how women are more likely to trust their friends and Jimmy remarks how much the pub community helps him, Marlon gets an idea.

5. A special men-only episode airs

Nate Robinson, Charles Anderson, Marlon Dingle, Emmerdale


Marlon gathers Cain, Jimmy, Liam, Bob, Charles, Sam, Nate and Bear for a lockout at The Woolpack. This story takes center stage in a special episode featuring only male characters and one location.

The team hope Paddy will join them as they open up a forum for conversation – covering everything from childhood nicknames to life moments that have troubled them. Will Paddy agree to take part?

6. Laurel struggles to help Marshall

Colin and Marshall, Emmerdale


After some surprising events involving Arthur Marshall’s love interest, a worried Laurel calls Colin. Laurel is relieved when Colin, who has previously expressed homophobic views, changes his stance by supporting his son and hugging him.

Colin seems to have changed his ways when he promises Marshall that he can stay at the local school and remain friends with Arthur.

However, all may not be as it seems, with Arthur later warning Laurel that Marshall and his dad’s relationship is as bad as ever. Laurel comes up with another plan to do right by Marshall.

7. Charles opposes Naomi’s new romance

Naomi, Alex, Emmerdale


Charles fears Naomi’s relationship with Dawn’s ex-boyfriend Alex is a disaster waiting to happen. Naomi tries to put Alex and Charles on better terms by arranging for them to have lunch together.

Charles deliberately antagonizes Alex, but Manpreet urges him to change tactics as Naomi’s disapproval of the relationship will push her further towards Alex.

Manpreet also thinks it might be a smart idea for Charles to ask Dawn for advice, as she knows Alex better.

8. Victoria’s past is revisited

Victoria Sugden, Ethan Anderson, Emmerdale


Victoria goes on a night out with some of the other villagers. She tries to set Ethan up with one of the clubbers, Sean, but it turns out that this guy is interested in her.

When Sean suggests they share a taxi home, Victoria is hit with traumatic memories of her ordeal with Lee a few years ago. He has a panic attack and decides to leave early.

9. Leyla gets her revenge

suzy, leyla cavanagh, emmerdale


Leyla also enjoys the big night out as she heads to the club with Suzy. He is worried to spot drug dealer Callum – who recently stabbed Jacob – among the clubs.

Leyla decides it’s time to bring Callum to justice, so she records him in the middle of a drug deal and tips off the police. As Calum pulls up to face the music, Leyla brags to him about how she’s responsible for catching him.

This trick worries Suzy, who fears that Leyla is making a big mistake by ending Callum like this.

10. Vinny tries to move on

vinny dingle, belle, emmerdale


Vinny decides that he is using Liv’s death as an excuse not to move on with his life.

Belle is delighted when Vinny agrees to go with her on the village night out. As Vinny shows off his dance moves to Belle and they laugh together, it’s the happiest he’s felt in months.

11. Someone eats Rishi’s crisps

rishi, jai sharma, emmerdale


Rishi fears that there is an intruder in his house as a mysterious person has been eating his crisps.

Despite the mysterious disappearance of the snacks, there is no further trace of Rishi’s unwanted visitor. Jai suspects that Rishi is just covering up his loneliness, but is there a crunchy killer?

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