Fans enjoy copium as Platinum Games teases 10th anniversary of MGR: Revengeance

Platinum Games held a 10th anniversary celebration event for Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance, the brilliant hack-and-slash adventure that has gone on to have a second life as the source of countless memes. The game was originally in development at Konami’s Kojima Productions as Metal Gear Rising before being handed over to the action game specialists, who found the rather excellent central mechanic of ripping out the spines of your enemies to heal itself, and the rest is high. – octane story.

The game did get some (very good) DLC, but despite positive reception and decent sales, it’s been quiet ever since. Given the ensuing Konami-Kojima phenomenon and the Metal Gear series seemingly put on ice, a sequel was never less likely. And yet, now Platinum is announcing the game’s upcoming 10th anniversary, along with revealing some new celebratory artwork.

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