Four essential colors for womenswear from New York Fashion Week fw23

New York designers rendered their fw23 collections in a wide variety of colors and color palettes. Standouts included orange for outerwear, bright green for casual, brown for tailoring and bright red for directional looks.

Orange Crush

New York designers chose shades of orange mixed with other colors for outerwear options.

Altuzarra – Look 5

Image: Altuzarra fw23/Launchmetrics Spotlight

A maxi-length woolen coat and dress in shades of orange, red and yellow, bursting with green.

Prabal Gurung – Look 14

Image: Prabal Gurung fw23/Launchmetrics Spotlight

An orange three-button maxi coat with wide lapels, over a rust colored lace dress, matching bra and panty.

Ulla Johnson – Look 20

Image: Ulla Johnson fw23/Launchmetrics Spotlight

A shiny orange coat with balloon sleeves and wide lapels over a burgundy pleated dress and long knitted fingerless gloves.

Emerald City

Designers used bright green for daywear.

Anna Sui – Look 11

Image: Anna Sui fw23/Launchmetrics Spotlight

A green velvet cardigan embellished with black and mint over a silk blouse with a bow and black lace embellishments and a mini skirt with a geometric pattern.

Philip Lim – Look 17

Image: Phillip Lim fw23/Launchmetrics Spotlight

A loose cape shoulder dress in a mint print and a black and bright green puffer jacket.

Heron Preston – Look 7

Image: Heron Preston fw23/Launchmetrics Spotlight

Bright green jeans over a black canvas mini skirt and matching cropped jacket, accessorized with an emerald green boa and long black leather gloves.

Scarlet Woman

Directional appearances were attributed to bright red mixed with other colors.

Thom Browne – Look 36

Image: Thom Browne fw23/Launchmetrics Spotlight

A red, white and blue plaid dress with a red paisley collar, cuffs, belt and under slip.

Puppets and Puppets – Look 3

Image: Puppets & Puppets fw23/Launchmetrics Spotlight

From Carly Mark, a red and black snakeskin bodysuit and coat under a ribbed knit belt and red cardigan.

Hee Yong Hee – Look 3

Image: Hee Yong Hee fw23/Launchmetrics Spotlight

A bright red cut-out bodysuit under a long gray gorgeous coat.

Brownie Points

New York designers chose shades of brown for custom separates. Veronica Beard – Look 23

Image: Veronica Beard fw23/Launchmetrics Spotlight

A light brown turtleneck knit sweater and matching zip front cardigan with a sarong front skirt underneath a dark brown corduroy coat.

Gabriela Hearst – Look 23

Image: Gabriela Hearst fw23/Launchmetrics Spotlight

A medium brown button down jacket and matching trousers with a chocolate brown shirt underneath.

Brandon Maxwell – appearance 17

Image: Brandon Maxwell fw23/Launchmetrics Spotlight

A long light brown woolen coat over a dark brown turtleneck top and matching trousers.

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