Her sister Nicola Bulley says there is “no evidence” she fell into the river

Nicola Bulley's sister insists there is 'no evidence' missing mother capsized in PA river

Louise Cunningham encouraged people to keep an open mind in a Facebook post (Image: PA)

Her sister Nicola Bulley says there is “no evidence” she fell into a river.

The missing mom disappeared on January 27 and has been missing for over a week.

Nicola had dropped her daughters, aged six and nine, at the local village school before going for a walk near the River Wyre at St Michael’s in Wyre, Lancashire with her dog Willow.

Police said yesterday that the main theory they are working on is that her death was a tragic accident and that she may have fallen into the water.

But Nicola’s sister Louise Cunningham encouraged the public to keep an open mind in a Facebook post last night.

He wrote: “On the back of the latest police media update, I can add that there is no evidence that he has gone into the river, it is just a theory.

“Everyone should keep an open mind, as not all CCTV and evidence has been fully investigated, police have confirmed that the case is far from over.”

Police have raised concerns that the missing mother-of-two (above right) may have been injured in the icy water in the River Wyre while trying to retrieve her dog Willow's (above right) tennis ball.  If this is the case and Mrs Bulley did fall into the water, she may have been weighed down by the heavy clothing she was wearing on the day she disappeared.  While police are still investigating how or why she may have ended up in the water, their main theory is that for some still unknown reason, she entered the river on the morning of Friday, January 27, shortly after dropping off her six-year-old daughters.  and nine, at school.  Since then, Mrs Bulley's distraught family (left and partner pictured inset,) have clung to hopes she may still be alive.  In the early stages of the investigation they questioned whether she was likely to have been arrested, and reportedly even looked into whether she had orchestrated her disappearance.

Louise Cunningham said the theory that Nicola fell into a river is ‘just a theory’

Mandatory credit: Photo by Paul Greenwood/Shutterstock (13751525az) Members of Lancashire Police and Fire and Rescue Service continue their search for Nicola Bulley, 45, who went missing on Friday 27 January 2022 and was last seen in a towpath beside the River Wyre at St Michael's in Wyre, Lancashire.  Disappearance of Nicola Bulley, Lancashire, UK - 02 February 2023

Police are still investigating how or why Nicola may have ended up in the water (Image: Paul Greenwood/Shutterstock)

Speaking at a press conference yesterday, Lancashire Police Chief Superintendent Sally Reilly told reporters that their “main working case” is that Nicola fell into the River Wyre and that it is “not suspicious, but a tragic case of a missing person”.

He gave an updated timeline of the mortgage adviser’s last known movements, saying he was seen on the river path at 8.43am. after dropping off her children at school.

The mother-of-two was then seen walking her spaniel Willow around the downfield minutes later at 8.47am, before emailing her boss at 8.53am. and join a Team call at 9.01am.

At 9.10am, she and Willow were spotted in the upper field and police believe her phone was on a bench while it was still connected to the teams meeting at 9.20am.

Nicola Bulley missing - what do we know so far?  Nicola Bulley map with last known locations Garstang Road, St Michael's-on-Wyre, River Wyre metro graphics Credit metro.co.uk

A map by Nicola Bulley of the last known locations in St Michael’s-on-Wyre (Image: Metro.co.uk)

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The press conference came hours after Nicola’s partner Paul Ansell spoke to the press and compared her disappearance to a “dream”.

He told Sky News: “It seems absolutely impossible. it’s like a dream, i can’t get over it.

“I have nothing to say other than what the family said yesterday, my whole focus is on my two girls and staying as strong as I can for them.

“I’m afraid if I focus on anything else, it will take my focus away from that.”

Paul added that he “doesn’t know how he does it”.

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