Here’s Why Shiba Inu Coin’s Next Upcycle May Go Above $0.000015

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Similar to the majority of major cryptocurrencies, the Shiba Inu coin experienced a minor correction in early February. This temporary refresh was important for coin holders as it recovered exhausted bullish momentum and offered a discount opportunity to margin traders. Hence, SHIB price fell to the local support of $0.0000122 before continuing the prevailing uptrend. Furthermore, price sustaining above this aforementioned support is a sign that market participants are interested in buying the dip.

Basic points:

  • Post-correction rally may push Shiba Inu coin 12% higher to reach monthly resistance at $0.000015
  • A bullish breakout of $0.000015 will intensify buying pressure and signal a resumption of the previous uptrend.
  • Shiba Inu coin’s intraday trading volume is $225.5 million, indicating a loss of 31.5%.

Shiba Inu coinSource- Tradingview

The price of the last four months of the Shiba Inu coin shows the formation of a cup and handle pattern. This pattern is characterized by a U-shaped recovery that is a cup section, followed by a small countertrend move/consolidation that forms the handle.

Thus, the aforementioned Shiba Inu coin corrections are part of this bullish reversal pattern. During this pullback, the coin price retook the $0.0000117-$0.00002 support to test the suitability of the price at higher levels.

Thus, with the recent rally in the crypto market, Shiba Inu coin recovered from the $0.00002 support and rose 9.8% to currently trade at the $0.0000132 mark. Furthermore, under the influence of a bullish pattern and continued buying, the coin price should rise by 12% to re-challenge the neck resistance of $0.000015.


Additionally, a bullish breakout from the above resistance will activate the bullish pattern and provide buyers with a strong swing to drive the further rally. In ideal conditions, this breakout could lead to a bull run to the $0.000022 level.

Technical indicator

EMA: The Shiba Inu could show sustainability above the recently recovered 200-day EMA and provide additional confirmation of a trend reversal.

ADX: the ADX slope continues to move downwards, indicating that the buying pressure is still sufficient and therefore the coin price may extend the consolidation for a few more sessions.

Intraday Shiba Inu Coin Price

  • Spot rate: $0.0000132
  • Trend: Upward
  • Volatility: Moderate
  • Resistance levels – $0.000015 and $0.000018
  • Support levels: $0.00002 and $0.0000105

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