Hexn.io: Providing financial services to the world of neo-nomads

With each passing year, humanity becomes more and more mobile and unstable. The pandemic gave this trend a new impetus and a huge number of companies around the world switched to remote operations and… never returned to the office. In the world of modern professions, many people do not need to be at the desktop near their computers all day to do their work effectively. We create illustrations on graphics tablets, draft work on iPads, write and publish posts, and even entire articles using our phones.

Our hobbies have also become portable and closely intertwined with work — all aspects of our lives are now tangled up in these devices. When you’re going on a weekend trip but still need to stay in touch for business, you probably wouldn’t bother carrying a laptop that takes up a lot of space. A single modern mobile device integrates services ranging from a bookstore to a conference room to an entire bank. Consider, less than half of the world’s population has computers in their homes, while over 83% of humanity has a smartphone.

Non-stop encryption services

Until recently, we settled for little: a mobile website version offered by a company made us grateful. Not only does this not surprise anyone today – this is simply not enough. And while almost every traditional bank has a mobile app that allows you to use it at any time to check your account and perform certain functions, cryptocurrency financial platforms are slowly starting to move in this direction.

The very idea of ​​crypto alternatives to traditional bank deposits is still in its infancy. The number of companies providing such services is small. The number of those who understand the importance of mobile applications for a modern man (especially if he is a fan of crypto technology) and who are willing to invest in such initiatives is even smaller.

However, they exist. Such a forward thinking company they are HEXN.IO, a crypto lending platform that helps people earn money passively by depositing assets up to 22% APY. Earlier this year, the company launched its mobile app on Google Play Market and Huawei AppGallery.

By providing the opportunity to receive weekly payments, make deposits and reinvests, and track transaction history right on your Android device, the company fulfills a need we all have: to feel like you literally have your money “in your pocket” and under your control , wherever you go.

Lowering the entry limit

Over the past year, several steps have been taken towards improving both the UE and the hardware to support the adoption of mobile encryption by different industry players. Now, in 2023, this trend continues to accelerate.

In an effort to boost cryptocurrency adoption globally and truly reach the masses, mobile apps need to be accessible and enjoyable to use. The HEXN team is currently working on adding the ability for crypto deposits via regular bank card to its mobile app — the feature has already been implemented in the desktop version of the platform. By introducing it to the HEXN mobile app, the entry barrier to become a crypto investor will be lowered as much as possible, thus making the crypto space a friendlier place for newcomers of all kinds.

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Disclaimer: This is a paid post and should not be treated as news/advice.

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