Hogwarts Legacy Butterfly Locations | PC Gamer

If you are looking to find more Conjuration Spellcrafts, you should look for the swarms of butterflies scattered around Hogwarts and the wider map. These butterflies will flutter in a group and when approached, they will begin to spin very quickly before revealing a hidden chest. Most can be found in the wild, but one chest can only be found by completing it Follow the Butterflies Questline, so let’s take a look at where to find all 15 butterfly chests.

Follow the Butterflies quest

After the first encounter with the troll in Hogsmeade, return to The Three Broomsticks and eventually, you will meet a character named Clementine Willardsey. He will ask you to follow some butterflies deep into the Forbidden Forest. To start, fast travel to the Forbidden Forest Floo marker, then head north—a butterfly icon will appear on your minimap, and you’ll see a swarm of colorful insects soon enough.

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