How much is Jeff Bezos worth and does he still own Amazon?

Jeff Bezos speaking at a conference.

For a time, Jeff Bezos was the richest man in the world. (Image: John Locher/AP)

It is no exaggeration to say that some companies or services go beyond being simple stores and become part of the daily life experience for many.

You don’t search for something – you google it.

While “Amazon it” has yet to become a buzzword, ordering from the site has become commonplace for millions, if not billions, of people around the world.

Despite controversies over project treatment and taxation, for Amazon founder Jeff Bezos, the success of the company he started in his garage in 1994 has brought enormous wealth and success.

But how much is he worth now and does he still control Amazon?

Here’s what you need to know ahead of Channel 4’s new documentary The Billionaires Who Made Our World: Jeff Bezos, which airs tonight at 10pm.

How much is Jeff Bezos worth?

As with many high net worth individuals, Jeff Bezos’ fortune fluctuates, usually down to the price and value of stocks.

The current net worth of Jeff Bezos as of February 19, 2023 stands at $120.4 billion (approx. £99.6 billion), according to Forbes.

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The billionaire reportedly plans to give away much of his fortune during his lifetime and has donated around $400m (£330.9m) to non-profit organizations in 2022.

He manages the Bezos Earth Fund and the Bezos Day 1 Families fund.

For a time, Jeff Bezos was the richest man in the world – a title he eventually ceded to Telsa and Space X founder Elon Musk.

Young Jeff Bezos poses with stacks of books.

Bezos founded Amazon in 1994 (Image: Paul Souders/Getty Images)

Jeff Bezos founded Amazon, the source of much of his wealth, on July 5, 1994, after leaving a successful career on Wall Street.

Bezos’ parents invested about a quarter of a million dollars in the company, with Amazon making its initial public offering on May 15, 1997 – and since then, the adjusted share price has risen more than 170,000%.

Originally a book-selling business, the shopping platform has since expanded into everything from technology development to grocery delivery and a successful streaming service.

Does Jeff Bezos Still Own Amazon?

Again, according to Forbes, the Amazon founder now owns just under 10% of the company – although he is still the majority shareholder.

When he split from MacKenzie Scott, his wife of 25 years, he reportedly transferred about a quarter of his (then 16%) stake in Amazon to her.

Jeff Bezos and crew to travel into space, Van Horn, Texas, USA - July 18, 2021

Jeff Bezos is also the founder of the space travel company Blue Origin. (Image: Blue Origin/REX)

In 2021, he stepped down as CEO of Amazon, handing the reigns of the company to Andy Jassy and moving into the role of Executive Chairman and advisor to Mr. Jassy.

Mr. Bezos is not only involved with Amazon but also founded the space travel company Blue Origin and owns the American newspaper The Washington Post.

The Billionaires Who Made Our World: Jeff Bezos is on Channel 4 tonight at 10pm.

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