IKUZO combines the Physical and Digital Streetwear Lookbook

IKUZO is the clothing brand that wants to revolutionize the world of streetwear through technology and community. Inspired by Japanese outdoor culture and apparel, the 2023 capsule collection is crafted with functionality, sustainability and utility in mind. Each piece in the line is made with cutting-edge PBT smart chip technology — they’re not only physical collectibles that shoppers can wear, but also digital collectibles that can be worn in the metaverse.

IKUZO’s implementation of a Web3 component for the ’23 capsule is an innovative step in the way consumers shop for clothing. Fans of the brand who own digital versions of the line can authenticate the physical designs, making it easier to collect, trade or even sell them among other streetwear fans. Here also comes IKUZO’s hope to create a community. On the metabolus side, IKUZO digital asset owners will be able to unlock more digital content to collect or experience with other owners. All this is made possible with PBT technology.

PBT (Physical Backed Token) is a new Ethereum token that links a physical object to a digital token. IKUZO uses PBT because the authentication of its PBT products is decentralized, creating endless possibilities for how IKUZO can implement both physical and digital experiences for its community. PBT is also completely open source, so IKUZO and all its digital owners “are free to authenticate, verify and build experiences on top of the technology.”

As for the collection itself, IKUZO’s ’23 capsule consists of bombers, Sanjuro jackets, hoodies and more. They’re made from quality materials like plush brushed cotton and durable tech fabrics with eye-catching designs that use camo prints, reflective elements, patchwork embellishments and Japanese-inspired artwork. The range echoes the innovative spirit of the brand with its progressive streetwear ethos and aptitude for advanced technologies surrounding the web3 and metaverse. With the collection element backed by PBT, these designs will live forever on the blockchain.

“We are excited to introduce IKUZO to the world,” says Busy AF, Co-Founder and Creative Director. “Our brand represents the future of streetwear and technology, the way businesses are built, and we look forward to building a culture and community with our partners and customers.”

You can shop IKUZO’s ’23 collection when it launches on Monday, February 20th at IKUZO.tech.

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