Item of the week: the double blazer

What is:

Double breasted refers to a jacket with two buttons sitting symmetrically to each other, with an overlapping front closure. The blazer is often used in a formal setting, however in recent years it has adapted and shifted into the everyday wardrobe, as seen by the rise in popularity of oversized appliqués and the modernization of classic silhouettes. This transformation is not far removed from the origins of the blazer, which saw it thrown into the world of fashion by way of the British aristocracy in the late 19th century, albeit as a distinctly casual piece worn in the sporting world.

Image: Scotch & Soda

Why you’ll want it:

The classic menswear style has been revamped for the younger generation in the form of modernized cuts, oversized appliqués, alternative materials and updated details and embellishments that give it more of an edge. This update to the blazer allows it to be suitable for both formal occasions, such as office or wedding wear, as well as for more casual events, broadening the range of its appeal. It has also seen women’s styles emerge, giving a twist to classic tailoring for a new target group who can also wear the piece for any occasion they desire.

Image: Dutch Dandies

Where we saw it:

Etro offered multiple iterations of the double blazer in a variety of materials, from purple tartan to sage green, each with contrasting lapels that took on unique, pointed forms of their own. Pastels were also a popular choice among many designers, particularly lilac hues, a tone seen on the runways of Louis Vuitton and Gucci, the latter of which featured long blazer silhouettes. Meanwhile, Dolce & Gabbana also moved away from traditional cuts, with fitted, double-breasted styles revitalized by the use of large shoulders and exaggerated waists for both men and women.

Image: Selected Homme

How to style it:

The double breasted jacket is simple in style when worn in a formal setting as it is often paired with matching tailored trousers to tie the look together. For an under layer, choose a button-down shirt in a contrasting tone, and a tie, if the occasion calls for it, in a statement pattern. To freshen up the look, an oversized blazer can be paired with baggy jeans – mom jeans for women, baggy for men – with sneakers or boots to finish off the outfit. It can also be worn as an evening coat option, over dresses and skirts for cooler summer nights.

Image: Scotch & Soda

The double-breasted blazer is another garment in the long line of classic pieces that are coming to light for the younger generations. Popular recently, in line with the rise of vintage styles, the item has returned in a casual form, although maintaining its relationship with formality in a modernized way.

Image: Hawes & Curtis

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