Lilt listed for £100 on eBay as super soda fans rush to snap up ‘originals’

One super fan of the soft drink jumped at the chance to win the situation (Image: Coca Cola/eBay

One super fan of the soft drink jumped at the chance to win the situation (Image: Coca Cola/eBay

A soft drink fanatic has flogged a small bottle of Lilt for £100 after Coca-Cola announced it was pulling the brand from UK shelves.

The pineapple and grapefruit fizzy drink has been transformed into a new Fanta flavour.

Lilt has been sold under the advertising slogan “the ultimate tropical taste” since the 1970s.

Coca-Cola promises the new Fanta flavor will have “the same totally tropical flavor” as Lilt.

But since the announcement on Tuesday, devastated fans have been making plans to collect as many original cans and bottles as possible.

A super fan of the soft drink took the opportunity to cash in on the situation and listed a 500ml bottle on eBay for £100.

The bottle, which appears closed, wears the iconic font and logo of the favorite summer drink.

The passionate seller claims that what they are offering is very rare and wants the new owner to enjoy the fruity flavor one last time.

Lilt bottle selling for GBP 100 after Coca-Cola pulls brand from UK shelves Credit Ebay

‘Original’ Lilts sell for up to £100 on sites such as eBay (Image: eBay)

They even called the transfer of the products to Fanta a “travesty”.

The listing reads: “Grapefruit Pineapple Smoothie. Absolutely tropical flavor. The legendary drink stopped producing.

“The last bottles before it disappears forever get the last taste of this wonderful Lilt before it becomes a distant memory of the past.

“A delightful and refreshing flavor brought to you by Lilt man for over 50 years, the combination of pineapple and grapefruit gives you that vibrancy and hint of Caribbean flavors.

Fanta Pineapple & Grapefruit

Caption: Fanta Pineapple & Grapefruit

“Absolute travesty this will be a Fanta series now, never forget Lilt and enjoy her one last time before she becomes history.

“Just like opal fruit and marathon bars, these iconic items are changing.

‘You will receive 1 x 500ml Lilt as shown.’

Meanwhile, the son of a superfan is offering £100 cash in a bid to collect 20 boxes of ‘original’ Lilt before it is discontinued, MyLondon reports.

Tom, who is based in Charing Cross wrote online: “Urgent work! I am looking for someone to source 20 cans of genuine Lilt asap and deliver them to me before the Fanta Rebrand takes over.

“My dad was a huge Lilt fan as a kid and wants to stock up before they’re all gone!”

Former Love Island contestant Georgia Townend was one of those Lilt fans left bewildered by the news earlier this week.

“Our rational minds told us this day might come, but our hearts always held onto hope,” he tweeted.

“Our beloved Lilt has succumbed to gentrification of the worst kind.”

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