Love Capsule: My sister stole my ex-boyfriend from me

Having siblings can be a joyous ride, but not all siblings are caring, protective, or loving. While catfights and fights are a regular occurrence in every sibling’s life, my sister and I’s relationship is very different from everyone else’s. It’s mostly because I hate her with all my heart. It’s the only reason I haven’t found true love yet.

She has always been the one in our family that everyone admires and appreciates. She is athletic, confident and extremely beautiful. She has always been the one everyone wants to talk to, be it in school or college. My relatives always favor her over me because I am the least intelligent and least beautiful. My sister was the “perfect kid” with perfect grades and looks. And I’m the one who loves art. I never had big ambitions because my sister was there to fulfill them all. He leans on me and never lets me shine even in my best moments. My parents love her more and I have to live with the fact that I have such a sister in my life.

My sister never tried to bond with me. She looked at me like I was beneath her. We had separate groups of friends from school – hers is the popular one while my friends were average and just… normal. Again, I’m fine with that. But then there was a time when my sister did something so awful that I could never forgive her.

I was fine with everything she stole from me, but I couldn’t forgive her for stealing my love.

I met a guy through my art class. He was tall, dark and very handsome. We enjoyed discussing art and the different pleasures of life. Days turned into weeks and weeks into months. we talked so much and finally started seeing each other. I loved being with him because he genuinely cared about me and what makes me happy. We went on dates, drew and painted together. Things were perfect. We had been with each other for over a year and at that point, somehow we both knew we loved each other. But then he kept asking me about my family. As much as I loved him, I wasn’t sure if I wanted him to meet my sister. But finally I agreed because I had faith in my love.

But alas, I shouldn’t have been so sure.

And that’s exactly what happened, what I feared. All my family members loved my friend. I took my boyfriend to our family home for the holidays and over the course of the next few days, I could feel my sister looking at him. And my friend, surprisingly, showed no signs of stopping when he came to talk to my sister. All that time, he seemed so in love with her. We talked less during the holidays, but I decided to trust my relationship about my jealousy. When we got back he seemed so distant and agitated. And shockingly, the fights between us increased and next month, she broke up with me. She said, “I need someone who can level with me and make me feel good about myself.” I was heartbroken. Even after several attempts to get him to say out loud what made him break up with me, he wouldn’t budge.

Guess what? When I visited the house the next time for a family holiday, there he was, standing hand in hand with my sister. I was right all along! He even managed to steal it from me. I couldn’t believe how naive I was to let this happen right under my nose. And what hurt me the most was my family members praising my sister and my ex for making the perfect couple.

I severed ties with my sister from that day. I couldn’t bear to look at her anymore. I had no trust left and my self worth was shattered after this great betrayal. My sister has everything but she has to steal me, stoop so low!

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