New Tetris effect modes are coming to all platforms alongside the PS5, PSVR 2 launch

Tetris Effect: Connected launches for PS5 and PSVR 2 on February 22, but that date will also mark the release of an update for other versions of the game that includes free new content.

First, the Classic Score Attack mode is getting an update to help you practice on your own. Classic Score Attack is based on high scores and does not have direct attacks that kill the opponent’s screen, unlike many other competitive Tetris modes. Previously, the only way to practice Classic Score Attack was to start a match against AI or another player in split-screen and focus only on your own game.

However, because both players in split-screen get the same tetromino blocks, if you were to get ahead, your opponent could know what’s coming and plan accordingly. This results in an unfair advantage and prevents anyone from submitting their scores to an official leaderboard. This update adds a single player mode for Class Score Attack so you can practice and submit your scores without interference.

The game adds a variety of new endless modes, including Master Mode. This mode previously tasked you with clearing 300 lines with the insta-drop and a limited amount of time before the current tetromino “locks” into place. For every ten lines cleared, the time you have to place each piece shrinks. Endless mode allows you to start in any of the Master modes 30 difficulty levels and see how long they can last.

Endless mode also comes in Purify Mode, where you have to clear the “tainted” purple blocks from your screen. Previously, the feature was tested to see how many blocks you could clear before a set time limit. The endless mode allows you to stretch for a high grade of a different kind.

The zone mechanic has been extended to Marathon mode. Previously only seen in Journey Mode and Zone Battle, this mechanic allows you to fill up a “zone” meter, which you can then deploy to freeze time and try to clear as many lanes as possible. When time runs out, all lines clear at once. Zone Marathon simply adds this concept to Marathon mode.

You can now also change the aspect ratio to play vertically in Tate mode on Nintendo Switch (the only platform that supports the mode, at least for now). The PS5 version also gets improved haptic feedback for DualSense controllers, PSVR 2 Sense and the PSVR 2 headset. On PSVR 2, you can even enable eye-tracking, allowing you to close and then open your eyes to activate the band mechanic.

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