Nine Algerian rappers who will continue to be on your radar

In Algeria, hip-hop music and culture emerged as a form of self-expression for youth who wanted to talk about political problems and conditions. Even with censorship and a lack of mainstream media support over the years, awesome artists continue to create and the scene continues to grow.

Today, music is still used as an outlet. According to the Youth Policy, 70% of Algeria’s population is under 30 and there is no youth organization to lean on. With living conditions and educational systems not yet fully recovered, today’s artist collective becomes the energy to turn to for legibility and a form of expression.

As Hypebeast continues to reach out to different regions in the Middle East and North Africa and recognize artists, here is the latest list of Algerian rappers to keep on your radar.


With his captivating discography and bold lyricism, Youppi has been applauded over the years for his fearlessness and brave dynamism. The artist has been an integral part of the hip-hop scene in the region.


Known today for his singles ‘Liyam’ and ‘Recyclage’, the independent artist could be found freestyling and creating music around 10 years ago and now, Flenn continues to be recognized for his flow and spontaneous tone.


Zako expressed his attitude in today’s landscape with his 2020 breakthrough track “Testosterone” featuring TRAP KING. His openness and hungry musical approach have positioned him as one to watch.


With a nod to the 2022 album, All in, IcoWesh is recognized for his laid-back production and vocals as well as influences from Raggae beats. The ‘Layla’ artist continues to bring a late night drive approach to the local music scene.

Isaac phobia

Phobia Isaac has been the powerhouse of the Algerian hip-hop collective. The juxtaposition of his penetrating lyrics and hard truths fused with his carefree vocals bring a refreshing take on today’s landscape.


With his seductive vocals and laid-back production, Skorp (or Scorap on Spotify) doesn’t hesitate to speak his mind. The artist is known for pushing boundaries with his outrageous lyrics and popular hits like ‘Vantablack’ and ‘Confudz’.


ILL-YES has been a must watch over the years. With hits like ‘SYC’ and ‘ARTISÂNE’, the artist has taken over the scene with his fearless lyrics and blunt delivery.


Admired for his effortless flow, Istanbul-born Nirmou has been one of Algeria’s pioneering talents recognized for his powerful vocals. Nirmou continues to gain attention and prove his skills as an unabashed hip-hop artist.


Syc is one of Algeria’s most infectious artists. Its nimble flow allows it to vary from dreamy tracks like “Forsa” to challenging freestyles. Syc is part of the promising acts from the current sphere.

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