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We have one last thing for you before Season 3…

Noble Intention event art with Thom and Rosenda armor kits.

Once upon a time, there would have been seven members of the Noble Team – the seven samurai, the magnificent seven… but two of them didn’t make it Halo: Arrive.

Thom-A293 went missing in the aforementioned game’s “Deliver Hope” live-action trailer, blowing up a Covenant ship from the inside with a tactical nuke. Rosenda-A344 remained in obscure background fiction, mentioned as a possible replacement in the team for Emile-A239.

And now, these two Spartans return to the Noble Intention Event for Halo Infinitealong with extra Halo: Arrive-themed cosmetics for your MARK V [B] Armor Core in a free 10-level Event Pass to end the Winter Update. Alongside the event, we also released the Community Collection playlist, which includes four Forge maps created by the matchmaking community.

From February 7th to February 21st, this limited event rewards you for playing the way you want—just complete the Challenges and you’ll advance to the Event Pass!

So, get out there and remember to reach out one last time as we give it our Winter Update mission!

Noble Intention Event Pass describing the 10 free rewards

Oh, and don’t forget to complete all your challenges this week, which will unlock the Wedgewood Spriggan armor plating for your MARK V [B].

The blue tone Wedgewood Spriggan finish for the MARK V [B] armor core.

In Season 1 and the Winter Update, his armor and aesthetics Halo: Arrive have returned to the fore, and it seemed fitting that the natural climax, before returning to the events of season 2, was to revisit the Noble team in a new story.

You have unlocked their Armor Kits. Recreated some of your favorite custom Spartan skins. And now, with the arrival of Thom and Rosenda, it’s only fair to see them in action.

Enter Halo: Winter Contentiona new short story that you can read online or listen to as an audiobook on YouTube on Wednesday, February 8. Coming Soon™!

December 2551. Although the Covenant’s invasion of Concord has seen a rare UNSC victory, the Noble Team Spartans find themselves trapped in a remote inland city. Although the Covenant’s orbital presence has been neutralized, the remaining alien survivors have regrouped and are preparing to make a devastating final stand.

With time running out and no reinforcements, Kat-B320 has a bold plan to do what Spartans do best and turn the tide – and it’s up to Thom-A293 and Rosenda-A344 to make it happen.

Community Collection

Learn more about today’s release of the Community Collection playlist, the maps, and the Forgers behind it all by visiting

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