One of the industry’s most skeptical CEOs believes AI tools will ‘raise the bar’ for video games

Over the past few years listening to gaming executives talk about the industry during earnings calls, I’ve discovered that Take-Two CEO Strauss Zelnick is one of the most thoughtful bosses in the business. He was coy about the rise of Xbox Game Pass, noting whenever asked that subscriptions are still a small part of the business, and he didn’t declare that NFTs are the future of commerce five minutes after learning about them. It’s a low bar, but it’s slightly refreshing to hear a tech executive respond to buzzwords with something other than the unconditional enthusiasm of a Golden Retriever. That’s what happened on Monday when Zelnick was asked during an investor call what he thought about developments in AI technology, at least at the beginning of his answer.

“You know I’m the first person to deal with other people’s hype,” Zelnick said. “And I would like to note that artificial intelligence means ‘artificial intelligence’ and there is no such thing as artificial intelligence.”

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