‘Physical: 100’ Rigged Finale Allegations and Contestant Controversy

After airing its final episode on February 25, Netflix’s wildly popular South Korean reality series, Of course: 100, has faced allegations of a rigged ending. Reports note that viewers are now saying that the finale was rigged, meaning that Jung Hae Min should have won the grand prize of ₩300 million KRW (approximately $245,000 USD), instead of Woo Jin Young.

Viewers pointed out that in the tug-of-war game, Woo Jin Yong’s spool of rope seemed to be easier to pull. Woo Jin Young declined to comment on the matter when asked by the media, while Netflix released an official statement. “We confirmed with the production team at MBC that there were no technical issues with the game’s equipment. We would also like to confirm that Jung Hae Min did not ask for a rematch.”

There are also claims that the final mission was played in three rounds due to technical issues. The claims note that Jung Hae Min was winning the first round, but Woo Jin Young stopped the competition citing a problem with his equipment. After the production staff checked the equipment and found no problems, the competition started again after adding lubrication and changing the difficulty level.

The second also saw Jung Hae Min win, but sound problems forced the staff to call for a rematch. Although he stated that he had no more strength left, the production staff proceeded to persuade and force the contestant into another round with a shorter length of rope, ultimately losing in the third round.

An unnamed insider said, “Jung Hae Min is very discouraged by what happened on the show. I think Jung Hae Min doesn’t socialize Of course: 100 not at all after the show because of what happened on set.” Although MBC, the network back Of course: 100, denied the claims, “We can confirm that it is not true that the final match took place three times. The production team is discussing taking legal action against these baseless rumours.”

In addition to the claims citing the finale, several contestants are moving on Of course: 100 they are now embroiled in controversy. It has been reported that a former national team athlete who appeared on the show had been charged with assault and another national team athlete was prosecuted for threatening his ex-girlfriend. While former stuntwoman Kim Da Young was accused of being a school bully, she admitted her wrongdoings and issued a formal apology.

A press conference scheduled to be held in Seoul with producer Jang Ho Ki, the production team, and winner Woo Jin Yong was canceled due to the claim about the finale and the contestant’s controversy.

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