“Première Classe continues to serve as the international reference point for design in the field of fashion accessories”

In the wake of the January shows organized by WSN Développement – which proved to be a success – Première Classe, the event presenting the largest number of accessory collections, will be part of Paris Fashion Week from March 3 to 6 at the Jardin des. Tuileries. Since its debut in 1989, the fair has been known for its unparalleled range of designer accessories, leather goods, shoes, jewelry and ready-to-wear with an emphasis on creativity, originality and style.

Image: Destree (ADC)

For this year’s edition, Première Classe is redefining the configuration of its range: on two stages instead of three (due to the ongoing work at the Jardin des Tuileries), its range will combine, in a dynamic and original way, an exclusive selection of accessories. and ready-to-wear and in doing so, take a new approach to the customer journey. The event will host almost 400 brands: 30% French and 70% international, of which 26% will be newcomers.

Image: Jenny Hytönen (Hyères final)

Scenery created by AI

“All of our events encourage positive interaction between brands that build bridges. This creates a virtuous circle between fashion and accessories. Creativity is the order of the day for the team we oversee,” explains Frédéric Maus, CEO of WSN Développement at FashionUnited.

Indeed, creativity and innovation will be more important than ever since the campaign designed by Countach Studio was created using AI (artificial intelligence) and the set design was reflected in these creations and orchestrated by the PAF collective. The idea is to create an unforgettable moment that will put the spotlight on the designers of tomorrow. “Graphic design will create a whole universe of color and inspiration. We have taken a completely different approach to set design to ensure that Premiere Class is above all a state of mind,” he continues.

Image: Capucine ©daragh soden (Hyères final)

“Always, regardless of the conditions, even during the Covid-19 pandemic, the show is very popular: we expect to welcome 15,000 visitors,” comments Sylvie Pourrat, WSN Développement fashion and accessories line manager. “Japan ranks second in terms of visitors and first in terms of international visitors, followed by Italians and Koreans,” he explains. “Top buyers from the biggest international concept stores attend Première Classe. They are the experts. They know exactly where they are going and most of them already know the brands,” adds Frédéric Maus.

Which brands are participating?

« At Première Classe, there is a familiar atmosphere, we are a community. Accessories change over time but never lose their essence or creativity. This is always where the magic happens…” explains Sylvie Pourrat.

Among the returning brands this year will be Mimi Berry, an English handbag and leather goods brand, Philippe Audibert, Paris jewelry designer, Paraboot and Christophe Lhote, jewelry designer and finalist of the 32nd Hyères International Fashion and Photography Festival . In the same year, Christophe Lhote was also awarded the Grand Prix de la Création de la ville de Paris (Grand Design Prize awarded by the City of Paris) in the Fashion/Talent category.

Image: Pigeon Coq (ADC)

Among the brands exhibiting for the first time will be Beatriz Jardinha (jewellery), Iriarte Iriarte (leather goods), Lou Chartres, finalist of the 36th Festival d’Hyères and who was present at the Festival d’Hyères in the October edition 2022, thanks to the show’s collaboration with the festival – returning with its own stand – and Parasite glasses, winner of the Silmo x Premiere Classe award.

Ready-to-wear, which represents 15% of Premiere Classe’s range, will include Bobo Choses, The New Society, Latierra Alpaca and Barcelona-based Little Creative Factory, which will use the festival to launch women’s ready-to-wear his clothes. brand. Also participating will be UCF Clothing, Adawas, Runaway Bicycle or responsible clothing brand The Loom, whose co-founder, Julia Faure, is also a member of the En Mode Climat collective.

In terms of showrooms, L’Adresse – a PR agency and showroom specializing in Southeast Asian designers – will showcase the Indonesian brand, I know you know, and the Adelaïde Showroom, Gémeaux, a Danish-based brand Copenhagen.

Image: Moea

In “Brut Icon”, 8 brands from different industries

In the ‘Brut Icon’ space – where the aim is to present a wardrobe that brings together key players from the fashion sectors, Premiere Classe will feature eight young brands covering all categories: ready-to-wear, shoes, jewelery and leather goods. These brands have different histories: for example, Evade House and Cherry Massia present at the Mercedes Fashion Week in Madrid have not taken part in an international show before. Jewelry designer Julietta Alvarez also works with ceramics and crafts beautiful decorative objects. the ecologically responsible backpack brand, Aszpack Paris, or the ready-to-wear brand, Ruban Noir.

Photo: Aszpak

Genius Freak: a fictional universe of biomorphic surrealism

And because fashion week is a time for all forms of inspiration, Good Sessions, dedicated to promoting contemporary European and avant-garde art to as many people as possible, will present Genius Freak, an exhibition of 30 works by 12 artists/designers. “The works and materials brought together will form an imaginary universe of biomorphic surrealism that is as fascinating as it is hypnotic, sometimes futuristic and always thrilling,” the organizers explain. “A different perception of everyday objects”.

Image: Lola Mossino x Indra Euradic (Hyères final)

Where top fashion partners meet

Premiere Classe, in collaboration with the International Festival of Fashion, Photography and Accessories Hyères, invests in young French and international design by hosting the fashion and accessories winners of the 37th edition: Jenny Hytönen, Grand Prix Premiere Vision and prix du public (audience award). Sini Saavala, Prix L’Atelier des Matières (L’Atelier des Matières prize); Joshua Cannone, Grand Prix de l’accessoire (Accessory Grand Prix). Lola Mossino x Indra Eudaric with a joint project – Prix Hermès des accessoires de mode (Hermès prize for fashion accessories) and Public Prize and, as a special guest, Capucine Huguet, winner of the 36th edition of the Grand Prix de l’accessoire ( Large accessory prize).

For this year’s festival, Première Classe will host the winners of the 2022 edition of the Grand Prix de la Création de la Ville de Paris in the area of ​​new designers: Coltesse Winner, Grand Prix Mode 2022 (2022 fashion grand prize). Weinsanto winner, Talent Émergent Mode (2022 emerging talent fashion) and Aristide winner, Prix d’Accessoires de Mode 2022 (fashion accessory award 2022).

Image: Sinni Saavala (Hyères final)

Always in the premium not to mention luxury category, the Precious Room by Muriel Piaser, the showcase for luxury and fine jewelry, has become a regular and must-see at Première Classe. The space, which adopts the basic concept of the trunk exhibition, will welcome five brands to its showroom: Dorothée Sausset, Onilium, Apples & Figs, Modidi et Rosa Maïtea.

This event will give Au-Delà du Cuir (ADC) the opportunity to present the brands it develops and celebrate its 10th anniversary.

The Cahu (bag brand) x Le Mindu (hair artist) exhibition also warrants a mention with an opening night in a Parisian club and closing night on the stages on Sunday. To take care of the gourmet breaks between each event, Première Classe invited Quentin Le Chat, patisserie at the Hotel Royal Monceau, ranked as one of the best in Paris, to delight guests’ taste buds with his latest creations.

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