Quantum computing just got one step closer

Quantum computing is one of the next big leaps we’re looking forward to in technology. This extremely powerful way of computing will turn our basic bits of ones and zeroes into qubits with the property of being both or neither at the same time. It will be huge for processing power, enabling far more complex computing problems to be solved than ever before. It will also be incredibly dangerous (opens in new tab) for our current computing lifestyle.

This is why it’s good in some ways that quantum computing is still a long way off for most of us. It’s hard to develop right now, but researchers are finding clever solutions every day. Recently, we’ve seen teams find a way to drastically reduce cooling costs (opens in new tab) from millions to only thousands of dollars. Now, AOL (opens in new tab) Researchers from the University of Sussex and Universal Quantum have found a way to move qubits between computer chips much better than before.

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