Saw 10 has wrapped filming ahead of its 2023 release

I saw 10 (the I saw X to use its official title) has wrapped filming, with just eight months to go until its release date.

The latest installment of the horror franchise has a release date of October 27, 2023, which hasn’t changed despite the fact that filming wrapped just a few days ago.

Maybe a new release date is imminent, or the directors think they can finish editing, ADR, foreign dubbing, etc. in a relatively short period of time.

Returning director Kevin Greutert recently explained on Twitter that construction He saw X it was an exhausting process at times and may have taken longer than expected. However, he was still full of praise for the cast and crew for their dedication.

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“He just finished shooting He saw Xand although the challenges were enormous (easy films are rarely worth it in the end), it was one of the most rewarding and epic experiences of my life,” he wrote.

“The cast and crew were firing on all cylinders, although almost everyone involved was young SAW universe, and I contracted COVID for the last 2 weeks of production, and the film was shot entirely in edgy locations here in Mexico City.

“My fingers are shaking with anticipation as I can’t wait to start editing. I hope we can use the title”He saw Xbecause this chapter really goes back to the roots of what it does SAW so special to me and everyone who loves John Kramer’s saga.”

He thanked the cast, giving a special shout-out to John Kramer/Jigsaw actor Tobin Bell and the crew, as well as the prosthetics team. Groitert also thanked studio Lionsgate for “entrusting me with this blood-splitting beast of a story.”

In addition to Tobin Bell, the film also features a return from Shawnee Smith – despite the fact that her character, Amanda Young, is also dead.

He saw X expected to be released on October 27th… for now.

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