Sons of the Forest survival game showcases grassroots cooperative, meaty nightmares

Survival game Sons of the Forest (opens in new tab) launches in early access on February 23rd, and as you explore, craft, craft and battle against a terrifying cannibalistic tribe on a mysterious island, take some small comfort in the fact that you won’t have to do it alone.

Even if you’re tackling Sons of the Forest in single player, you’ll be accompanied by an AI-controlled companion, Kelvin, who can perform tasks such as chopping wood, collecting rocks and sticks, and catching fish. But you can also play Sons of the Forest in co-op with up to eight players (and yes, Kelvin will still be along for the multiplayer ride). IGN (opens in new tab) has a new trailer showing a slice of co-op gameplay, including exploration, building, combat, and of course the inevitable tree chopping.

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