Square Enix is ​​shutting down Luminous, the studio behind Forspoken

Luminous Productions, the team behind this year’s powerful medium Forspoken, is going quietly into that good night. In a tweet posted yesterday, the studio announced that, “Starting May 1st,” it will “join Square Enix to deliver new, innovative gaming experiences around the world.” In other words, it folds into its parent company and ceases to exist as a separate entity.

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In the two months between now and May 1, Luminous says it will be “fully focused on Forspoken” and that it is “currently working on the previously announced patch to address the overall performance of the game.” Since some of the previous Forspoken patches (opens in new tab) It didn’t really do much to optimize the game for some players, we better hope this last one is noisy. The studio also said that Forspoken’s upcoming DLC—In Tanta We Trust—remains “on track for release this summer.”

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