Strategy game from hell Solium Infernum gets its first gameplay trailer

League Of Geek’s Solium Infernum revival was first revealed late last year, and while I’d seen a very early alpha version of it back then, the subsequent demo footage wasn’t quite ready for public consumption. Thankfully, League Of Geeks has now added the final bit of infernal spit and polish to Solium’s first gameplay trailer, which premiered during IGN Fanfest this week. Come take a look.

In case you need a reminder, Solium Infernum is a strategy game set in Hell where you play an Archfiend fighting to claim Satan’s vacant throne. In addition to maneuvering armies of fiends around its ash, hexagonal landscape, you’ll be politicking with other Archfiends for the same goal, making deals, backstabbing them, and generally outwitting them to claim your infernal prize.

In my alpha demo, I saw four of his Archfiends in action: Andromalius (the blonde fallen angel from the trailer), Lilith (the winged Harpy), Astaroth (the large, armored demon prince), and Belial (the horned smug vizier). type whose fingers are seemingly locked in a permanent belfry). In this new trailer, though, we get to see two more: Murmur, an angry winged marquis whose helmet appears to contain the Eye Of Sauron on it, and Erzsebet, a princess with big red eyes and a flair for Elizabethan fashion .

You can see some of them whistling and shaking on the diplomatic menu screens in the trailer, and you’ll be staring at their ugly mugs quite a bit as you plan your turns. You can also see the legion battles in full swing, where 100 hordes of demons clash across the fields of Hell in fully simulated cutscenes.

Even better, we get a glimpse of some of his Titans in action as well, which are powerful units you can call into battle if you get the right ritual spell and statuette. When I spoke with League Of Geeks co-founder Trent Kusters last year during the initial Solium reveal, he said that the Titans were something new that they brought to their version of Solium Infernum, but that a lot of it was based on the more powerful and destructive original game. legions, so there might be some familiar faces there if you’re a die-hard Solium-ite.

There’s no word yet on when Solium Infernum will enter early access, but the goal is sometime later this year, according to League Of Geeks, so we’ll keep you updated as we learn more. In the meantime, you can see more about it on Steam.

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