Artificial Intelligence in fashion

By Brandon Ginsberg, CEO at ApparelMagican ERP solution designed for fashion companies. getty As an AI enthusiast, I can tell you that AI is quickly becoming a game changer in the fashion industry. From design to marketing and sales, AI is impacting everything and offering businesses new opportunities to streamline their operations and reach new … Read more

Extending human life by a decade within a decade

A group of people in DNA profiles getty Can precision genomics, artificial intelligence and a new perspective on preventive medicine achieve this? Healthcare is constantly evolving around the world as scientists and doctors discover new drugs, learn more about the brain and cells, and apply familiar practices to new medical mysteries. One area that seems … Read more

Bungie Unveils AI-Generated Image of Destiny, Asks for Help

Screenshot: Bungie Community Creations You can joke with fingers all you wantbut the reason AI-generated images are perceived as a threatening and not just an idle curiosity it is its ability to render a real work of art created by man. At the extreme end of the scale, this poses a threat to accurate news … Read more

Here’s how to think bigger

AI has been around for a while, but Chat GPT has driven adoption among business owners. The user-friendly interface, insightful and often surprising answers attracted entrepreneurs to see what they could do. The number of Chat GPT based products on Product Hunt has skyrocketed and is only going to increase. Tools are created by the … Read more