The UK’s leading gas infrastructure provider covers a variety of needs

Since 1986, the company has worked on domestic, industrial and commercial installations, covering all pressure grades – and is now extending this expertise beyond natural gas to hydrogen, anticipating the transition to support the UK’s ambitious targets for zero emissions. For any construction project requiring natural gas infrastructure, National Gas Metering offers a complete one-stop-shop … Read more

Cold houses cost the NHS £540 million a year

BRE analysis of the latest English housing survey data shows that 700,000 homes are officially rated as too cold. The BRE states that the NHS spends £540m a year treating people affected by extreme cold. The researchers estimate that it would cost nearly ten times that amount – £5.3 billion – to introduce effective insulation … Read more

The dealer rings more slowly

Builders’ merchants sold 8% less stuff in 2022 than in 2021 Latest figures from the Builders Merchants Federation (BMF), which collates point of sale data from stores across the country, reveal a 13.9% drop in purchases in the fourth quarter of 2022 (Q4) compared to the previous three months (Q3 ). With prices rising 5.4% … Read more

Carbon sequestration asphalt tested on the A30

Placement of the biogenic PMB Hanson Contracting used the low carbon asphalt to resurface the A30 Cutteridge scheme at Alphington eastbound near Exeter in Devon. The works are being carried out as part of the pavement category management framework agreement with the National Highway. It is the first time that Hanson has tested CarbonLock asphalt … Read more

Founder’s sons take over Tolent’s Teesside operations

From left to right are Tolent founder John Wood, Brims director Jason Wood, Rick Halton (who has moved from Tolent to Brims as regional manager) and Richard Wood of Brims Brims Construction, in partnership with former Tolent chairman John Wood, hopes to save 150 jobs by taking over Tolent’s Teesside operations. John Wood founded Tolent … Read more

Government completes net profit requirements for biodiversity

Kidbrooke Village is being developed in London by Berkeley Homes with meadows and wetlands to achieve a net biodiversity gain From November this year, all new residential, commercial and infrastructure in England will be required to deliver a biodiversity net gain (BNG) of 10%. This means they will need to assess the habitats affected and … Read more

Factory tenants lobby for HVO discount

CPA failed in efforts to retain construction diesel tax credit – use of red diesel banned in construction on 1St April 2022 – but she’s hoping for better luck with her latest lobbying effort. Red diesel was banned not only to save the Treasury money, but also to wean the construction industry off fossil fuels. … Read more

Sarens invests in Cornish floating platform

Tugdock floating dry dock system Tugdock Limited has developed what it describes as the world’s first road-transportable floating dock. Few ports have sufficient water depth and assembly space to build the floating infrastructure required for offshore wind turbines, and conventional onshore docks are generally not wide enough as they are designed for ships. Tugdock’s patented … Read more

Bam is starting work on the £290m extension to Truro Hospital

The new Women’s & Children’s wing will provide a new front door for Royal Cornwall The new Women’s & Children’s Ward is to be built as part of the Royal Cornwall Hospital in Truro, replacing the existing Princess Alexandra Ward. The new building will also provide a new main entrance for the entire hospital and … Read more

The Supreme Court will hear the sewage disposal plan challenge

Sewage is dumped into rivers across the UK on a daily basis. (Photo by The Rivers Trust.) The Supreme Court has granted permission for a hearing against the government’s plan to reduce discharges from storm surges. The plan to reduce storm overflow discharges was published by the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs in … Read more