Bungie wins over $4 million in lawsuit against Destiny 2 Cheat Dev

Image: Bungie Bungie is two years old legal battle against one Destiny 2 crook after all completed last week. The judge agreed that cheat maker AimJunkies had infringed Bungie’s copyright and ordered it to pay more than $3.6 million to compensation and 700,000 dollars Court fees. AimJunkies is a website owned by Phoenix Digital Group … Read more

Destiny 2’s Power Grind is getting a major overhaul, after all

Image: Bungie Destiny 2 it’s about to get a lot better. Bungie has announced a number of changes coming to the loot shooter over the next few expansions and seasons. The studio plans to make the content more difficult starting at launch Lightfall later this monthwhile the existing electric mill looks like it could be … Read more

John Carmack has some great tips on game preservation

Screenshot: Star Wars | Kotaku Fate co-creator John Carmack, legendary game designer, missile type and virtual reality enthusiast, left Meta/Facebook late last year after a decade working on the company’s virtual reality efforts. The fact that he left, however, does not mean the decisions of the company is out of his thoughts. Accompanying the news … Read more