What does ChatGPT mean for the future of business?

ChatGPT has been a hot topic in the news recently, with a number of AI enthusiasts praising the new technology and some who are a little more tech-resistant worrying about what ChatGPT might mean for the future. In 2022, OpenAI, an artificial intelligence research and development company, introduced ChatGPT to the public. ChatGPT is a … Read more

What is Co-Insurance? How it works, Examples and more.

Title: What is coinsurance? How it works, Examples and more URL: what is coinsurance Meta Description: Coinsurance is an insurance term that employers and patients should be aware of. This article explains what coinsurance is and how it applies in real life. What is Co-Insurance? How it works, Examples and more. Coinsurance is a type … Read more

Understanding the time value of money with formulas and examples

In corporate finance and valuation, experts and self-taught people rely on several guiding principles. One of these basic principles is the time value of money. Whether you’re a financial professional, an entrepreneur breaking ground on a new business venture, or just want to educate yourself on personal finance, understanding the time value of money is … Read more