10 billionaires marching to fight climate change

The views expressed by the contributing Entrepreneurs are their own. Billionaires get a bad rap for leaving a giant carbon footprint, but some of the world’s richest people are leading the way in reducing the devastating effects of climate change. These business leaders are investing their private wealth in renewable energy, funding research to reduce … Read more

Do you qualify for these green tax breaks?

It’s tax time and companies nationwide are looking for sustainable write-offs to soften the blow and reduce their carbon footprint. Like it or not, the Inflation Reduction Act of 2022 (IRA) put into law several tax credits for green business practices. “It contains a veritable garden of green incentives for small businesses, entrepreneurs and others … Read more

Miss from The Key Ingredient strives to be energy efficient

Sustainability and green initiatives have grown in importance for businesses in recent years. Although companies are implementing many environmentally friendly activities and policies, there is increasing pressure to take positive steps in terms of technology and IT equipment. Sustainability reporting is considered the norm in many companies. With new remote or hybrid work patterns, green … Read more

The best web conferencing software for remote workers

Sustainability is becoming a more important concern for businesses than ever before. A KPMG report from 2020 showed that 80% of leading companies have sustainability reports, and a growing number of small businesses are following suit. There is a clear economic reason for this, as 92% of consumers say they are more willing to trust … Read more

5 ways to protect your business from the ravages of climate change

The views expressed by the contributing Entrepreneurs are their own. Bad weather is the new normal. The recent floods in California, tornadoes in Alabama, and freezing temperatures in New York are just the tip of the ever-melting iceberg. In 2022 alone, the United States experienced 18 natural disasters, including wildfires, severe storms, tropical cyclones, floods, … Read more