Paper Mario-Like Game Dev Yanks His Own Legal Fight Offline Game

Image: Conradical Games The Outbound Ghost is a charming turn-based adventure RPG that has garnered hype on social media thanks to its cute combination of The Legend of Zelda, Paper Marioand Undertale Engineering. The paper mache game was released on Steam in late 2022, but if you search there now, you won’t find anything due … Read more

Bungie wins over $4 million in lawsuit against Destiny 2 Cheat Dev

Image: Bungie Bungie is two years old legal battle against one Destiny 2 crook after all completed last week. The judge agreed that cheat maker AimJunkies had infringed Bungie’s copyright and ordered it to pay more than $3.6 million to compensation and 700,000 dollars Court fees. AimJunkies is a website owned by Phoenix Digital Group … Read more

Blumhouse, Studio Behind Megan, Now Making Horror Games

Megan (2023) Photo: Blumhouse Announced earlier today, Blumhouse—the Hollywood production company behind hit horror films like Megan and Get out— is launching his own video game studio led by some game developer vets. The new studio, like its parent company, will focus on horror games with a smaller budget. If you watch horror movies, then … Read more

Nintendo’s GBA emulation for Switch Online is amazing

Image: Nintendo Last week full of Nintendo Direct surprisesalongside the sweeping announcement that Metroid Prime it was finally remastered for the Switch, came the fantastic news that Nintendo Switch Online’s previously insignificant offerings have now been bolstered by the inclusion of Game Boy, Game Boy Pocket and Game Boy Color games. Meanwhile, for those who … Read more

YouTuber recreated The Legend Of Zelda in Minecraft

Gif: C1OUS3R / Nintendo / Mojang / Kotaku Without using a single mod, one is capable Minecraft The superfan and YouTuber spent nearly a month recreating the original Legend of Zelda inside the blocky survival game. Using a bunch of command blocks, custom textures, and in-game tricks, the end result is an impressive build that’s … Read more

John Carmack has some great tips on game preservation

Screenshot: Star Wars | Kotaku Fate co-creator John Carmack, legendary game designer, missile type and virtual reality enthusiast, left Meta/Facebook late last year after a decade working on the company’s virtual reality efforts. The fact that he left, however, does not mean the decisions of the company is out of his thoughts. Accompanying the news … Read more