1 Dividend Stock to Buy for Passive Income in 2023

Healthcare giant Johnson & Johnson ( JNJ ) has a history of six decades of consecutive dividend growth. So, given the uncertainties surrounding the market, this fundamentally strong dividend-paying stock might be an ideal buy right now. Read more. Amid growing concerns about continued interest rate hikes and a slowing economy, healthcare giant Johnson & … Read more

1 Big Box Retail Stock to Buy More in 2023

Retailer Walmart ( WMT ) reported solid fourth-quarter results, beating analysts’ estimates. Additionally, WMT’s solid dividend payout record makes it an attractive buy this year as macroeconomic uncertainties remain. Continue reading. Despite the economic turmoil, retail sales were unexpectedly strong last month, indicating that consumer spending is not slowing down. Therefore, retail industry leader Walmart … Read more

How to reduce risk and increase profits with a pairs trading approach

How we benefited from the power of POWR ratings with a strong philosophy for trading pairs in VAL and HP. Alfred Winslow Jones is widely credited with creating the first hedge fund, or more accurately “hedge fund,” in the late 1940s. He supposedly got the idea while researching a shopping article for Fortune magazine. The … Read more

4 A-rated stocks to buy before the end of this month

Steady inflation may prompt more rate hikes this year, which could keep the stock market under pressure. Therefore, investors could consider buying fundamentally strong shares of Stellantis ( STLA ), Honda Motor ( HMC ), MasterCraft Boat ( MCFT ), and Genie Energy ( GNE ) given the uncertainties. These stocks are rated A (Strong … Read more

1 tech stock to buy in a downturn and 1 to avoid

Despite the slowdown in the Fed’s rate hike aggressiveness, the odds of a recession remain widespread. However, given the strong demand for technology products and services, the outlook for the industry looks bright. Therefore, investors could buy quality Salesforce Technology ( CRM ) stocks regardless of the downturn. However, the intrinsically weak BlackBerry (BB) might … Read more

2 Semiconductor Options for 2023 and 1 to Sell Short or Avoid

Despite widespread market turmoil, the global semiconductor industry is expected to thrive in the long term, supported by lucrative federal investment. Given the stable industry outlook, fundamentally strong semiconductor stocks Taiwan Semiconductor (TSM) and Photronics (PLAB) could be worth buying this year. However, NVIDIA (NVDA) may be better sold short-term or avoided altogether. Continue reading. … Read more