‘Samurai Shodown III ACA NEOGEO’ Review – The Last, But Is It The Least? – TouchArcade

When SNK and Hamster started bringing the Arcade Archives series of NEOGEO ports to mobile platforms, it wasn’t particularly surprising to see the Samurai Shodown series represented between the opening titles. Historically, it’s been one of SNK’s most popular IPs, only coming back The king of warriors and Metal Slug. With Samurai Shodown II carried … Read more

Punch Kick Duck Review – Do what the game says and everyone gets hurt – TouchArcade

A long time ago, a Shaun from a very old time reviewed a game from another Shaun from a very old time. This game was named Shoot the moon (Free) and was a triumph of simple gameplay combined with elegant presentation to create a charming and entertaining game. In the years since, both Shauns have … Read more

‘Marvel Future Fight’, ‘Rush Rally Origins’, ‘June’s Journey’ and more – TouchArcade

Hello everyone and welcome to the week! It’s time once again to look back at the notable updates of the past seven days. We have an interesting batch of games this week, with half of the list not appearing in these articles for a long time, if at all. Sometimes nature does provide, friends. Of … Read more