Leaked Walmart memo warns against sharing information with ChatGPT

Chatbots are disrupting industries in unexpected ways — including retail. The latest: A leaked memo from Walmart Global Tech warns against sharing confidential company or customer information with bots like ChatGPT. Business Insider reports that in a memo issued Tuesday, the big box store’s tech arm said ChatGPT had been blocked after “activity that presented … Read more

Warren Buffett, Charlie Munger Share Biz Advice for 2023

Warren Buffett, the “Oracle of Omaha” and chairman and CEO of Berkshire Hathaway, is known for sharing advice and philosophies — and he continued that tradition in his 2022 annual shareholder letter, published Saturday. “Capitalism has two faces: The system creates an ever-growing pile of losers while at the same time offering a multitude of … Read more

The 6 Worst Titles to Make Money at Entry Level: Report

The views expressed by the contributing Entrepreneurs are their own. This article originally appeared on Business Insider. There are six college degrees that left graduates earning an average salary of $40,000 or less five years after graduation, according to an analysis by the New York Federal Reserve. The top salaries usually belong to graduates in … Read more

Warren Buffett defends stock buybacks in annual letter

In Warren Buffett’s annual letter to shareholders, he argued for the positive nature of stock buybacks — at least when they’re bought at reasonable prices. “When you’re told that all takeovers are bad for shareholders or the country, or that they’re especially good for CEOs, you’re listening to either a financial illiterate or a silver … Read more

How to protect ChatGPT content by trademark registration

The views expressed by the contributing Entrepreneurs are their own. AI is rapidly transforming the way we live and work: AI-generated content is increasingly common across industries and ubiquitous in news headlines. The term, in general, refers to content created or generated by artificial intelligence algorithms such as ChatGPT and may be used as assets … Read more

FDA: Oat, almond milk can be called ‘milk’

You can still call your plant milk milk. In a draft guidance released Wednesday, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) said that various plant-based “milks,” from oats to macadamias and almonds, can use the word “milk” on the label. The guidance was submitted amid efforts by the dairy industry (since at least the late 1990s) … Read more

Walmart is closing 9 stores in the US: See the list

Walmart’s closings will affect a total of nine locations this year, including seven brick-and-mortar retail locations and two pickup-only locations in Illinois and Arkansas. Knowledgeable reported that a small fraction of stores have been closing each year since at least 2019. The company hasn’t said exactly why the locations are closing. Walmart has approximately 5,000 … Read more

Meta unveils new Large Language model, LLaMA

On Friday, Facebook co-founder Mark Zuckerberg announced Meta Platforms’ upcoming release to researchers of a new large language model called LLaMA (Large Language Model Meta AI). The model, developed by Meta’s Fundamental AI Research (FAIR) team, is intended to help scientists and engineers explore AI applications and functions, such as question answering and document summarization. … Read more