The director of the Elden Ring turns to escape Tarkov for inspiration

Image: Battlestate Games / FromSoftware / Kotaku It seems that Elden Ring Director Hidetaka Miyazaki and I share an affinity for the same kind of game: Export stemers. (I always knew he had good taste). In a recent interview, the award-winning director said he was not a fan of the other Escape from Tarkov and, … Read more

An Elden ring expansion called Shadow of the Erdtree has been announced

Image: FromSoftware FromSoftware has just announced a major expansion for Most people’s game of the year for 2022, Elden Ring, is in development. It’s called Shadow of the Erdtree. The announcement was made via Twitter: Arise, Darken, and let us walk a new path together. An upcoming expansion for #ELDENRING Shadow of the Erdtree is … Read more

Yakuza creators are on the rise throughout the gaming industry

We here at Kotaku get lots of advice via email. Some are spam, some are error-filled hate mail, and some are serious allegations that require serious investigation. So it’s refreshing when something comes along that just points us towards something cool and cool, as was the case with a recent slay-the-house-down-boots fashion tip Like A … Read more

Elden Ring sells 20 million copies, makes excellent point

Image: Elden Ring It was was announced earlier today this Elden RingFromSoftware’s Game of the Year 2022 for many people (including most of the staff on this site), has been sold 20 million copies worldwide since its launch a year ago. this is one lot. You may be wondering why I am pointing this out … Read more

Tears Of The Kingdom artbook leaks early

Image: Nintendo The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom isn’t due out until May 12th, which means fans who are heavily invested in the game’s lore and secrets have three months to avoid (what they’ll probably think are) spoilers in front of them. The collector’s edition of the game comes with a 204-page art … Read more

YouTuber recreated The Legend Of Zelda in Minecraft

Gif: C1OUS3R / Nintendo / Mojang / Kotaku Without using a single mod, one is capable Minecraft The superfan and YouTuber spent nearly a month recreating the original Legend of Zelda inside the blocky survival game. Using a bunch of command blocks, custom textures, and in-game tricks, the end result is an impressive build that’s … Read more