EU exports of used textiles have tripled over the past two decades

Nearly 1.7 million tons of used fabric was exported to other countries — mostly in Asia and Africa — in 2019, but whether it is destined for recycling, reuse or landfill is “highly uncertain,” according to a report published Monday by the European Union Environment. The report, which analyzes UN Comtrade data between 2000 and … Read more

Is Sustainable Fashion Elitist? | BoF

A few weeks ago, fashion writer Derek Guy was happily tweeting about menswear for a relatively niche audience of fellow enthusiasts, sharing what he thought were fairly uncontroversial opinions about buying less but better and appreciating quality investment pieces over produce. fast fashion at a discounted price. Then the reactions started. A change in Twitter’s … Read more

Op-Ed | When sustainable fashion does more harm than good

Replace ‘sustainable’ with ‘less bad’ in today’s fashion headlines and you get a more accurate picture of reality: ‘Less Bad Fashion Trends You Need to Know in 2023’. “Less Bad Fashion Influences Take Over Fast Fashion.” “Building a Less Evil Fashion Industry in 2023”. “Less evil” than the status quo is how I’ve come to … Read more