Parents who killed daughter with ‘shocking and prolonged neglect’ had no remorse, judge says

A mother and father who killed their morbidly obese daughter with “shocking and prolonged lockdown neglect” have been jailed after a judge said they had no remorse. Kaylea Titford, 16, was found in conditions described as “unfit for any animal”, with soiled clothes and bedding, after her death at the family home in Newtown, Powys, … Read more

Woman beat her husband for 20 years as he curled up in the fetal position

Hull Crown Court heard that Spencer was a mother of three young children and that many of the attacks on her husband had taken place at the family home. It was described as a “great irony” that Spencer had done so much work investigating the impact of custodial sentences on the family in her senior … Read more

The majority of drivers believe that aggressive cyclists are a threat to their safety

A majority of drivers believe aggressive cyclists are a threat to their safety, a new survey has shown, with many believing the problem is getting worse. In the survey of 2,010 motorists, 65 percent of respondents said aggressive cyclists are a threat to their safety, with 60 percent saying the problem is worse than it … Read more

Gas and air cut off in some hospitals for expectant mothers

Mothers-to-be will find it harder to get pain relief gas as hospitals suspend its use over concerns about the safety of midwives. A hospital in Essex has become one of the latest to ban pregnant women from inhaling nitrous oxide over fears medical staff are being exposed to high levels for prolonged periods. The tasteless … Read more

Council ‘administrative error’ leaves grieving daughter worried wrong body was cremated

A grieving daughter claimed council officials may have cremated the wrong body instead of her mother. The woman said her mother died suddenly of a heart attack last November and she was holding a funeral for her next month. However, in February she received urgent emails from both the coroner and local authority officials urging … Read more

Giant solar farm next to Hampshire Roman ruins gets green light after flip

Leigh Harrison, chairman of Bramley Solar Farm Residents Group, said: “Basingstoke and Deane Borough Council are guilty of trashing our Roman history by plowing through this planning application without due care and attention. “I don’t think our Roman heritage was even looked at by the council… and that’s a travesty.” Mr Harrison said more than … Read more

Off-duty police officer shot dead in Northern Ireland

A police officer has been shot dead in Co Tyrone. The officer was attacked at a sports complex on Killyclogher Road in Omagh, security sources said. It is understood the officer was off duty when they were attacked. They were taken to Londonderry Hospital for treatment. Ulster Unionist MLA Tom Elliott said the police officer … Read more

Stephanie Beacham hid in the toilet while the hammer-wielding burglar ransacked the house

Judge Martin Griffiths said: “What you did had a traumatic effect on her. “You breached the safe space of her home causing her to be suspicious of non-existent threats and even having difficulty learning her lines when she goes for acting work.” “She was afraid to come home” Ms Beacham, who returned to Coronation Street … Read more

This social media platform is used for three times more child abuse image offenses than any other

Snapchat is responsible for three times more child abuse offenses than any other social media platform, fueling a record rise in crime, according to police figures. The total number of child abuse offenses recorded by the police rose by 22 per cent in a year to 30,925 in 2022, according to figures obtained by the … Read more

Why your smartwatch could be deadly if you have a pacemaker

Pacemaker patients could be at risk from wearing a smartwatch after scientists found electrical signals from fitness trackers can cause deadly interference with heart devices. Fitness gadgets work by sending a small, imperceptible current of electricity through the body, but researchers say it can disrupt the electrical pulses that keep heart implants working. Experts from … Read more