The benefits of starting a business as a side hustle

The views expressed by the contributing Entrepreneurs are their own. Starting a startup is a challenging but rewarding process that requires a combination of hard work, planning and determination. But consider starting one as a side hustle while still maintaining a position to “pay the bills.” That said, starting a business can be a daunting … Read more

Does your Side Hustle need a fix?

getty You’ve been playing with your hustle for quite some time. It’s still fun, but you wonder if it could be more fun. And with “more fun”, you think, “generate more business”. It doesn’t have to be more professional that pushes your hustle to the full-time level. Maybe it’s just a few extra dollars a … Read more

How do you track financial advantages?

getty Starting a side hustle provides you with an opportunity for fun and profit. It’s fun because you’re doing something you love. It is profitable because you make money doing it. But here’s a word to the wise: don’t mistake fun for being able to treat your hustle like an extension of your personal finances. … Read more

How do you know this is the right side for you?

getty You’ve been thinking about this side hustle idea for some time now, wondering if this is it. You don’t want it to take too much of your day (or your wallet) to implement it, but you do want it to be successful. Of course, there is a much more important matter on your mind. … Read more

How stressful is it to start a side hustle?

Getty Images In 2006, Congress established National Entrepreneurship Week. It is celebrated around the third week of February. You might think of “entrepreneurship” in terms of starting new businesses with the intention of blossoming into Wall Street winners. Well, there is a new breed of entrepreneur emerging from the ranks of not only Main Street … Read more

3 things you need to automate on your Airbnb to achieve passive income

The views expressed by the contributing Entrepreneurs are their own. Automating your Airbnb listing means you’re hands-free with the business. And that’s the first step to the location freedom you’ve always wanted. Location freedom is being able to go anywhere in the world and earn money even though you are not physically present. So when … Read more